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Our Core Team is here to set up a community platform for people to come and join, share experiences with their kids and help each other to become a wonderful parent.

We all love our kids more than anything else, isn’t it? How about sharing the useful tips and answers you have with other parents to benefit from? We designed this awesome platform to do the same. This is the place where a parent can get all sorts of information relating to their kids’ health & fitness, education, secret grandmother healing tips and so much more. 

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Parenting Trends

Explore with us the parenting trends. Amazon subscription is not the only talked about plans, yes there are subscription plans for kids toys, fancy dresses and even the diapers if we may mention. We have seen a gradual shift from authoritative parenting to learning and adapting new things. This makes it highly important to promote cross communication among parents and relative thinkers and come up with best tried out approaches for the benefit of all.

Kids Food Habits

Learn about the good habits and nutritional competency among the kids. Lack of proper eating habits among kids is a growing concern among the parents. With all fancy eatables around, the nutrition tend to loose its way. Kids are becoming more sensitive to allergies and part of it is linked to malnutrition spreading its wing around. All of this make it even important for parents to inculcate good dietary habits in their kid.


Kids Education

Learn and share information on education from pre-schools to formal education. Let's not make education a complex project. Gone are the days when people use to seek their kids comfort level post joining a education institution. How about we share our experiences with each other to narrow down to what we call the perfect match! Yes, you got it right, let's hit the target from Day 1. its all about the paradigm shift from traditional ways to more interactive teaching.