6 Funky Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy This “Spring Break”!


If you cannot get your kids to stop watching cartoons all day long during the spring break, then these ideas are for you! If you wish to use these two weeks to refresh and reenergise your children, then this is just what you need to read…And lastly, if you want this time to be utilised ‘productively’, then you just cannot go without picking some or all of these suggestions 🙂

1.  Bag it in! Make paper bags out of newspapers and hand it over to your children. Let them use their creativity to decorate and personalise them. Give them paints, ribbons, trinkets to stick on, bindis, vegetable stamping, sparkle glue….let them go crazy! If you have grown up children, you could get them cloth bags, stencils and fabric paints along with fabric glue and encourage them to create beautiful grocery bags. This will be their precious contribution to the environment. After all, we should all say “no to plastic!”.

2.  Gardening: Isn’t it lovely to see little hands work in nature? Well, this is what our next activity is all about. Start with something simple….like asking them to water the plants everyday. You may get them a nice sprinkler to aid the task. Next, give them few seeds and a pot to help them sow. Label the pots and assign the responsibility of those plants solely to your children. Let them come running every day to see what progress their plants have made.

3.  Picnics: Spring break is a very precious time when the sun is truly sunny but the breeze is still cool and pleasant. So clean up that picnic basket and pack up some fresh fruits and yummy sandwiches. There is nothing more exciting than a picnic in the glorious sun with a truckload of vitamin D supply for your loved ones. Pack up things to plan with and leave out all distracting gadgets…go active, go crazy!

4.  Library visits and book sharing: Reading is slowly becoming a vanishing hobby. However, I cannot even begin to emphasise how much reading helps a child grow. If you have a library nearby, do take your children there and spent time among books. If not, then start a book-reading club and encourage the habit of book-sharing among children of your residential area.

5.  Making the best out of waste: Creativity is best, when set free. This is so true! Take an empty cardboard box and fit it with things you don’t need….papers, straws, ice-cream sticks, boxes, jars, empty packets etc. Provide adhesives, strings and other items that children may require. Don’t guide! Just watch them work! Let them come up with innovative ways to create something out of nothing. And who knows, it may even become the invention-of-the-year?

6.  Home-theatre: It is time for some funny fun fun! Turn your modest home into a movie theatre for your children and their friends. Invite over their friends for a movie time….load them with homemade popcorn, nachos, chips, optionally followed by a meal. Bonding with friends during holidays is truly priceless!

Have a wonderful ‘Spring Break’!!

Do share other ideas on how to use this time productively…

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