A Note To My Daughter


Have you ever written a letter or something to your child, who is not away? I do not mean to talk about a daily diary here, or an email to a son studying abroad, I just mean writing a letter, a handwritten one, for a son or daughter who lives with you!

People usually do this if they are getting divorced or dying and would never meet their little one again. But why not do it otherwise also! Under normal circumstances as well? I did this a few weeks back for my daughter. She is 10 years old and has a lovely personality. I wrote about so many things to her. She really loved it and has already got it laminated to preserve it. And it was a very satisfying and happy feeling for me. Read below an excerpt from the same!

Dear Nandini,

Hi. I just wanted to write to you, because I write to so many people, and you are my dearest treasure. How could I not write to you! And sometimes mama is not able to tell you how she feels about you, how much pride she carries in having you as a daughter, and how much she adores you! I am lucky to have you as my daughter. The day you were born was the best day of my life so far. And I feel the next best will be, when I hold your daughter in my arms for the first time. But of course, you cannot understand that now, you are my little princess.

I am also writing this to tell you that you are a very beautiful girl. And beauty is not something outwards, it is defined by how you carry yourself, how you conduct yourself, and more importantly, how much courage you show towards the simple challenges that life will start throwing upon you soon. Be brave and do not panic. Always be your own competitor.

You are about to enter your teens, which is going to be a roller-coaster ride, not only for you, but for the both of us. Always remember that, mama always loves you and is always there beside you. Mama will try her best to understand you, to be your friend, as she always have been. In fact you are my best favourite friend. So you can always come to me with all your troubles and queries, even I used to do silly stuff when I was a young girl like you.

I love the way you bake bread for me sometimes, I love the way you jump over me to give me a kiss, although I sometimes scold you, but in my heart, I really cherish it. I love the way you come home screaming, “mama, mama”, and I love the way you pin your hair, when you do it on your own sometimes. One more thing, I also love the way you secretly apply my makeup when I am asleep, Mama knows it. 🙂  I like to buy your stuff more than anything else, you are my prettiest princess.


One day mama will grow old, and won’t be able to run after you as she does now, but be sure that mama will always be there to listen to you. And no matter how big you grow, you will always fit into mama’s lap. Always be a confident girl, believe in yourself and be independent. I wish you luck and happiness, my sweet little angel. I love you my darling!

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