Are Your Kids Selective Eaters?


We all mommies are very fond of making our kids eat all that we are making. This is our expectation but not happening in reality. Kids tend to eat what they wish to and they become so choosy. You must have noticed that your child is eating same thing which his friend is having but when you offer the same at home they just run away like they have been given a punishment.
Let me share the views of a mom residing near by. We both chit chat relating to our kids as they are of same age. She always say that ‘my kid always wants the food available in market’ . Kids never like having the home food and are always very selective while eating. This is a common concern of most of the mothers.
Here are some tips to improve your child’s eating habits.
* Never offer those selective vegetables which your kidos want. Rather make them taste all in their meals. Gradually you will be noticing that taste is developing. You need to give ample time to your child, can’t achieve all in a single day.
* Don’t restrict your child to home food. Rather plan out a schedule like once in a week, they can have those chips, noodles, pizza, etc. This will fulfill their craving and they will not run away from the daily meals.
* Make them have food with family. If you leave them alone they tend to distract in between. Allow them to observe other elders. As we know every child have a nature of copying what others do. Just show them you are having all different varieties of veggies, they will surely follow you.
* Make the food interesting by adding some rainbow colored fruits and veggies. Just add some tinier decorations with sauces and see how your little ones finish it.

In an environment where there are a variety of dishes available children can become selective eaters but if handled with utmost smartness they will surely adapt to healthy eating habits.

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