Balancing Kids Vacations and Worktime


The most challenging time in the life on any working mother is undoubtedly when her kids are having vacations. If these are extended vacations, like summer vacations, or the Christmas holidays, it usually becomes all the more difficult to handle. This is because there is always some guilt factor associated when you are not able to spare out enough time for your little one, and more so when this happens every day repeatedly. If it is a weekly Sunday, the child is usually busy with his or her own endeavours expecting little time from the parents. However, when long vacations arrive, children mostly have nothing to do, and they expect their parents, especially mothers, to indulge with them entirely!

Read on some tips below to handle this time the most effectively.

1. Choose appropriate activities: While if you choose something like Scrabble or Chess, you have to be indulged 100%, but if you choose some art and craft kit, you can just instruct, sit close-by and simultaneously carry out your work.

2. Do not over delay: When it is a Sunday, or even an extended weekend, we can delay work to be completed during the coming week, but if it is some long holidays, you cannot keep on delaying work as that would pile to too much. So balance when to delay and when to complete.

3. Set the goals right: Mental preparation plays a great role in our satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels and also our outputs. So if you set reasonable work tasks for yourself, for these 30 to 40 days of the vacations, so that you set some number of hours for your little cutie as well, you will be happier in the end and your little one more satisfied.

4. Counsel Children: At the same time you can also counsel your child that mommy is working and so she cannot be around the entire time. Children this way understand and cherish the value of childhood when they do not have any such responsibilities, the value of work that work should always be the number one priority and also become more self-sufficient and independent. We often see that the children of working mothers become proficient in day to day activities sooner as compared to their peers who do not need to part from their mothers at all.

5. Go for an outdoor vacation: When you travel for an outdoor vacation, children get to be with you 100% all the time and they are a kind of happier with the “you” component, besides the out of city travel that amuses them inherently. Plan for some out of city trip that is relaxing for the entire family.

6. Hobby Classes: Children must see holidays something as when they are not expected to follow strict schedules; when they have enough time to do anything they want. However, a single or two classes per day, which offer flexible timings are nothing bad. This way they get to have something to do in case they are too free the entire day. So maybe a swimming class in summers or an ice-hockey in winters can count in as good options. You can yourself pick and drop them, they feel indulged and you can check your emails, or sort out your work for the coming day, thus utilizing that time.

7. Watch some movies: This is that time of the year when you would also like to relax a bit probably. So movies are a great option in terms of giving rest to the mind and being with your little one around at the same time.

Not only is it important for children to spend this extra time with their mothers, or say parents, but also for us as parents. Even we strengthen our emotional stability and zeal to go through the everyday struggles and hectic schedules, once we are refreshed and rejuvenated this way. As researchers say, one of the best forms of therapy is to spend some quality time with the family.

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  1. Seriously, it’s a tug of war for working mother’s especially. They undergo more pressure coz of the guilt factor that constantly keeps on building inside them.

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