Best Food For Babies Before The Age Of 1


When it comes to feeding infants, it is essential to be careful with what we give them. The healthier food you choose, the healthier your baby will turn out to be. As per researches, if your baby consumes too many vegetables and fruits by the age of one, then once they grow up, they may end up eating a lot of produce. You can also choose to offer some peanuts to your kids. Thus, some of the effective food items you should be giving your child include


Babies tend to hog on all those eye-catching foods. And honestly, nothing can be more interesting than the bright red berries or even blueberries. If you want your kids to have them, you can chop them in pieces and give it to your child. You can also blend them in a mixture and make one excellent spoon food for your kid. Berries are very healthy, thereby ensuring proper health for your baby.


Peanuts may be the cause of allergy in many kids. If you want your kid to stay free of the risk of peanut allergy, you can choose to feed them some peanuts. However, do not give your kids a handful of peanuts or spoonful of peanut butter. There is a high risk the kid might choke into it. You can consider offering peanuts to your kids as some finger food by applying the butter a little on the tip. You can also stir it into the excellent puree. If you are a bit doubtful, it is always safe to reach out to the pediatrician.

Whole grains

Why should you allow your kid only to have the rice cereal? There are so many whole grain baby foods in the market these days that you may often run out of choice. Some of the best seeds you can try for your kids may include quinoa, brown rice, oats and more. These are usually rich in fibre thereby ensuring the healthy growth of the baby.


Earlier, parents were asked to wait for a little before giving eggs go, kids. But now, the scenario has changed and babies are given eggs before the age of one. Each egg contains six gram of protein and has all those healthy fats and choline. Also, you can easily cook these eggs. You can prepare an egg scramble and add it in the vegetable puree. Apart from that, you can give chopped boiled eggs to your kids.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are incredibly healthy for your kids. Initially, your child may not want to have it, but they may develop the habit if you are consistent. You can blend these and add some extra ingredients for a better taste. Make sure to feed your child with spinach, chard and kale.


All of us have had this, and the coming generation to needs to have it. This, mashed butternut squash is one of those traditional baby foods and has a sweet flavour. It is enriched with the goodness of vitamin A. You can have it.

There are a lot of vegetables and fruits that you can serve to your kids. This never runs out of style. Some of the prominent ones that you can try include peaches, oats, pumpkin, zucchini, beets, basil and other herbs. Make sure to consult a pediatrician about what will be beneficial for your child.

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