Birthday In An Orphanage

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The term “Birthday” seems too gratifying for the kids. But more than them, parents are excited too. Every year they plan of innovating ideas to make the child feel really special and there is also a sense of competition among certain classes who desire to be on the top when it comes to celebrating it in a unique trend no matter if it is an extra bonanza spent as it should look like a fiesta. And then there are other class, who prefer to maintain a cool and calm profile and teach a unique style to their kids while organizing it. No class is wrong but its just their own choices.

Some people like to celebrate it in an orphanage. While it imbibes good qualities in your kids, the way it impacts the other side should also be taken care of.

One day I went into an orphanage with a view of donating some old stuffs of my child, his toys, story books, clothes etc. It so happened that at the same moment, I saw a couple entering with their 4 year old son, carrying bundles of packets, followed by their driver who was holding a big box of Birthday cake. So, it was obvious that they have come to celebrate the birthday of their son. Some packets of sweets, light snacks neatly packaged were arranged at the corner.

Then came the orphanage incharge and she informed all the other kids to surround the center table. The cake box was opened and I found a beautiful Spiderman designed cake. The candle was lit and then 1, 2, 3…. “Happy Birthday to you…..” I found a wave of happiness cross the birthday boy’s face, it was something different for him. But not different for the orphan kids, they were used to such things. None of the orphan kids had a real “The smile”, it was just a “manufactured” one.

Certain thoughts striked my mind. The idea of celebrating birthday at orphanages is good but the way it should be structured needs to be taken care.

I believe, cake cutting should not be allowed inside the orphanages. Distributing clothes or any useful stuffs would be wiser. This way those kids won’t feel left out.

Imagine how they would feel when they see some kids been so privileged that they have their parents to celebrate birthdays, wear expensive clothes. While doing an act, one must remember that doing it as a charity is good but the receiving end should also be considered. They shouldn’t feel inferior.

Instead of sweets and chocolates, some practically useful things should be donated so that the kids dnt get to know that its because of someone’s birthday that we are getting these presents. It should be some books, toys or any other useful things.

By doing so, the birthday kid would also feel good because this would develop a sense of charity in him/her (The stuffs to be distributed with the kid’s hands)

The orphan kids won’t get bored of clapping and singing for someone else, they won’t feel neglected in the society.

One thought just striked while writing this, that one can celebrate “shared birthday” too. Means, speak with the orphanage beforehand and find out which child birthday falls on the same date or same month as of your child and you can celebrate it together.

Though the intentions of parents might be good but the way the message reaches the kids may not be that pleasing.

One can definitely visit an orphanage on a birthday but without them knowing about your special day. Later on, you can go out and party well. This would play a vital role in the development of the kids of both the sides!!

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