Breastfeeding Versus Bottle Feeding


For the new parents, the decision to whether breastfeed or bottle-feed remains a challenge. More so because, different people hold different views on these. It is ultimately on us to decide what we want in our lives. Surely, both come with their challenges. Let us have a look on these individually.



As per the health experts, breastfeeding is the beneficial step than bottle-feeding. Breast milk is naturally accompanied with certain nutrients that boost baby’s growth and development. It is a source of real nourishment, besides it also helps to form a bond between the mother and the child.

It has its own perks wherein it aids the baby to combat various diseases, infections. It gives strength to the baby’s body. Breastfeeding is recommended for a period of 6 months, beyond that if possible, it should be carried up to 12 months. If the situation permits, it can be extended further.

Breast feeding acts as a shield for the little ones from various allergies and diseases. It is easy to digest hence it is a baby friendly meal.

It is said that whatever meal a mother takes, the nutrients pass from the mother to the baby via breast milk. It paves way for the babies to accept solid foods easily.

It is also suggested that breast fed babies turn out to be smarter than bottle fed in terms of their intelligent quotient.

It is convenient as there is no storage issue associated with it. There are no bottles involved and thus the steps to sterilize the bottles or store the milk at the right temperature are nullified.

It is fruitful for the mother too with respect to her health. It helps her to maintain proper equilibrium of hormones, it is a way to keep a check on her weight as breast feeding burns calories of the mother that helps her uterus to shrink to its normal size quickly, besides, the chances of developing breast cancer is also reduced, Cardiovascular diseases, uterine and ovarian cancer are kept under control.


Certain challenges involved:

Some mothers feel uncomfortable in breastfeeding the child. They may also feel this as a barrier when they prefer to go out and enjoy some time of their own. But honestly speaking, its one’s thought. You shouldn’t feel awkward while doing this outside the house. It’s okay to breastfeed. Just make sure you don’t  forget to carry a stole or something that covers you while you breastfeed the child outside home.

Most importantly, it requires commitment and lot of time. It takes more than an hour initially and also the frequency of feeding is higher in the beginning.


Bottle Feeding:

This has its own pros and cons involved. Bottle milk is nutritious too. It has its own convenience like:

Either of the parent or the family member can feed the baby. Thus the feeding duties get shared.

It is easier for the mother to leave the baby at home as she knows that the baby can be bottle fed by anyone at home.

Such mother’s don’t need to find any secluded place to feed them.


Formula milk needs more care. In terms of sterilization of the bottles, boiling water. When you go out with the baby, you need to carry these stuffs like bottle, a flask, formula milk, then in order to clean the bottle temporarily you also need bottle brushes etc.

Formula milk is expensive too.

Such milk is difficult to digest as compared to breast milk. The children who are formula fed often suffer with gas problems, and uneasy bowel movements.

There is nothing wrong in choosing either of the two. Every coin has both the sides so does even this has. Choose wisely as per your situation. It should not be a forced decision. In case you are unable to decide on it, you can always consult with your doctor or lactation consultant who will help you to reach to a conclusion

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