Can Mothers Be Dangerous To Kids?

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I have heard many times that woman can be a dangerous creature, but when I was unmarried, I used to think how a woman can be fatal (especially the woman like me, who don’t even wish to argue with the people) I really believed it to be an abrupt statement made by patriarchal society.

But slowly and gradually when I got married I got to enter into the world of harsh reality where things were not as rosy as I believed. My mother in law used to hurt me with her piercing words and profane language (a traditional scene that most of us have undergone), and the anger or frustration that she poured upon me I used to trickle on my baby. There was a time when I inadvertently used to get angry upon him and used to hit him because there was no other way to sublime my emotions. And as a result, today my baby has become a little frustrated, which is a signal of bad parenting.

Another error that I committed was if my child did something wrong, I used to scold him excessively for the mistake, which had a negative influence on my child. Because of this my child never used to confess his mistake.  And I used to compare my child with my sister’s child and never praised his achievements under the belief that my baby needs to improve a lot.  But after undergoing a counseling session I understood the adverse effects of bad parenting on the child.

So, now as a mother, I want to raise a voice against the coercive practices and punishments that we use to change the child’s behavior. The key things that I learned during the session were:

1. Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs. The bad parenting can have long lasting consequences on your child. Hence, it is the duty of the mothers to take responsibility of the children in an adequate way.

2. The children need certain boundaries and discipline to grow up in a healthy way, so it is important not to pamper them too much or make them feel like that he/she is entitled to all the things in the world.

3. It is important not to be overprotective about your child as it will make him/her fearful and he will be afraid to take any kind of risk or explore any new activity.

4. Allow your children to make some decisions because the lack of trust may hamper their confidence level in the future.

5. Another tip that I learned was the child feelings should never be neglected. It should be addressed in a proper manner.

In the end, I would like to conclude that mothers can be both bliss and dangerous for the kids. So, mothers, do mind your steps because each wrong step may have the power to destroy their future.


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