Causes of Stomach Ache In Infants/Kids And How To Treat It:

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Infants go through many changes in their bodies and since they are unable to express themselves due to their inability to speak, they express it via different phases like crying, feeling irritated, etc. Stomach ache is one of the difficult problem to analyze in them. The reasons for such pain can be many such as:


It involves crying of the babies at certain hours owing to painful contractions of the intestines. The reasons behind this is not yet known fully but the baby cries for more than 3 hours, three or more days in a week and it is uncontrollable. This is more frequently observed in infants of age up to 5 months. Post that, the problem tries to subside.

Treatment: Consult the doctor for proper medications.


This problem starts when a baby just starts eating solids. The baby may not pass the stool for a day or two. It may also be the case that the baby gets hard and dry stool.


The baby can be given certain foods that help to loosen the stool like oatmeal, apricots, peas etc.

Try giving more fluids to the baby.

A bit of exercise may also help like put the baby on the back and bicycle his/her legs. This might prove beneficial.

Gas Pain:

This causes severe pain in most of the babies. When the baby just starts consuming solid foods then there is a possibility of him/her to go through this. It is said that the bacteria in the digestive tract of the infant are still in the developing phase.


Help the baby get “burp” by picking on your shoulder with the baby’s chin on your shoulder and gently rub the back. This helps the burp to come fast.


Many babies spit up the milk or even vomit a bit. It is known as “gastroesophageal reflux” or just “reflux” and is quite common in infants. This can cause an upset stomach.

Treatment: Consult the doctor for proper medications.


Common cold and flu may also give stomach ache to your infant. A urinary tract infection, strep throat and even ear infection may lead to an upset stomach.

Treatment: Consult the doctor for proper medications.

Food Allergies:

Infants are prone to certain foods. Sometimes formula milk may also lead to an upset stomach. It may lead to vomiting, diarrhea etc. In such cases, the color of the stool also changes and sometimes it calls for stool test as well.

Treatment: Consult the doctor for proper medications.

General Tips for Stomach Aches in Kids:

*  Keep your child well hydrated.

*  Asafoetida- This is an excellent way to whip away the stomach pain. It is known as “Hing” in Hindi. Mix pinch of Hing with warm water and apply this paste around the belly button. The paste shouldn’t enter the navel though.

*  Yogurt- It is another useful food. It is said that mixing fenugreek seeds with yogurt and giving it to your child would help him get relief from it.

*  Gentle Massaging- Massaging on the tummy area enhances the circulation in that area. Massage should be done in the circular motion in the clockwise direction around the navel of the child.

All these help to reduce the stomach ache. But the doctors need to be consulted as nothing should be taken too light in case of kids. Proper medication and these home remedies might prove beneficial. Depending on the intensity of the pain, the steps should be taken wisely.

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