Comparison Is Not The Right Way To Judge Your Kids!


When the results of an exam are declared often parents are too much worried for their kids results and so are children. But always there is a question that how much does your friends got. If a child has scored less than his friend he is being blamed for this. This attitude needs to be altered altogether.
My lovely mom and dad it’s a tiny request,I want to hear ” very good” from you.
I’m doing my level best, please don’t compare…. just want a hug from you.”
These must be the words your child want to say. Comparing with others is an unwanted scenario and it’s a part of human nature. Not to forget every person has their own set of capabilities. Comparing it with others will only create a feeling of dissatisfaction. Often it is seen that parents set up examples of other children progess . When you see your child participating in any work, instead of expecting the top position always focus on child’s hardships.

Some DO’S:

1.Always encourage and motivate your child as this will automatically bring sincerety.

2.Judge on basis of growth in their performance graph. Persistence of improvement is always a positive sign of growth.

3.Develop a friendly relation with your kids so as to make them comfortable in sharing their difficulties. You must build up a bond that a child always look up to you if counselling is required.

4.Identify their interest and talent, also support them to pursue every bit of their efforts.


1.Never pressurise your child for a particular piece of work.

2.Don’t get influenced with results of others. This will have a negative impact on their behaviour.

3.Never scold your kids for their underpermance instead find out the weak points and correct them jointly.

4.Don’t judge your child on basis of their mistakes.Instead do that on their achievements.

Every child is special and has a unique personality. They have their own caliber. There is a need of recognition and appreciation.

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