Dad-Daughter Bond

Dad- daughter bond
A strong relationship between a father and his daughter is very important during her early development and also later in her life. Naturally, you notice that girls are more attached to their dads. This is not a mistake, it is rather meant to be that way. Girls need their dads.
Dads should start developing that bond between them and their daughters during the early infant stage. Your daughter will get used to you and learn to trust you as early as that age. Closer to her teen age, she will already be so free with you. During a girl’s teen age, dads are so influential.
Dads influence their daughters in various ways.
Why a dad-daughter bond is important
1. Advice on healthy relationships.
As a father, you need to show your daughter that she can trust you. You are a man and it’s obvious that your daughter will keep interacting with men and suitors later in her life. Let your daughter learn how to talk to men from the best man. When dealing with her mother, treat her in a way that your daughter will learn how helpful good men are in a relationship
2. Improving self-esteem.
Dads are the best parents in teaching girls to be self-esteemed. Your daughter needs you to tell her how beautiful she is, tell her how important, brilliant and intelligent she is. She will believe you and this will raise her self-esteem. Show her how not to be shy and how to stand with her own opinions. Self-esteem is crucial for girls especially during teenage.
3. Inspiration to reach her goals.
Fathers are known as the leaders in a family. Most of the times, fathers are the major providers in a family. This means that dads are the best models to a daughter on how to reach her goals. Dads always work hard because they don’t want to fail their families. With a perfect dad-daughter relationship, your daughter will learn this from you. She will learn how to work hard in life to achieve her goals.
4. Advice on decision-making and self-respect.
Make wise decisions as a dad. Most of the times, what you do matters and makes more sense than what you say. Advise your daughter on how to make good decisions and then make good decisions so she can emulate them. Teach her how to respect her instincts, body, and feelings. Tell her it’s okay to say NO to things that she thinks are not good.
5. Trust building
As a dad you definitely want your daughter to trust you. By trusting you, she will use you as her confidante which is the best thing for dads. She will share everything that is going on in her life. This gives you more room to correct your daughter on things she does wrong and also advise her on various life aspects. Building trust is easy, you just need to keep sharing a lot of your life experiences and day today happenings with her. She will realize you trust her and she will in turn trust you.
You should not miss a great dad-daughter relationship with your daughter. It is for the better and will help you shape her life to the woman you want her to be. She needs you.

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