Daycare v/s Babysitter


Daycare verses babysitter

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing been bestowed by the Almighty on a woman. While it comes with a huge responsibility, the challenges also need to be noted down. In the beginning, every step is a challenge, every move is a mixed feeling of joy and fear. However things settle down at their own pace depending on how well we are mentally prepared to deal with them.

Out of the many challenges, the most profound these days happens to be for a working woman. As such a working mother is filled with the guilt of not sharing her space and enough time with the baby, the decision of leaving the child and going for work adds more pressure on her. For some, daycare is the saver and for some opting for a babysitter. So, this tug of war continues and in order to reach to a sensible conclusion, one needs to scrutinize on certain parameters. Let us have a look on these individually:


A daycare is a place where a child is been organized by the teachers or nannies. It is actually the supervision of multiple children at a time.

Pros and Cons:

  • A child gets an opportunity to mingle well with different set of children that belong to different age groups. The child learns certain social skills as he/she is surrounded by other kids. It is basically a fun based interactive session.
  • The child learns the art of sharing things- food, toys are of prime importance to them, they are like little treasures to them and they would want to safeguard them at any cost. In daycare, a child learns to deal with this trust factor of sharing his/her commodities with others as well.
  • The child learns discipline and a schedule is been set up for him/her.
  • The child is basically prepared for school which happens to be the next step.
  • However there are certain points that may not sound pleasing as well.  Like, there happens to be a fixed time for picking your child from the daycare. In case, one gets late, then there are extra charges for the same services.
  • There is a possibility of a child falling sick more often owing to exposure to different kids. Some may say the child is exposed to similar conditions even in school but the difference is the no of hours in school are limited whereas daycare has more hours.
  • Some daycare charge exorbitant fees which needs to be considered while choosing this option.

Pros and cons of a babysitter:

  • A babysitter stays with the baby and the child gets more individual attention when compared to a day care.
  • When parents aren’t able to give time to the child, the babysitter acts as a friend and the child develops a new bond of love with another person apart from a family member.
  • Even when you take a leave someday, you know that you have an additional help at home who can help you relax a bit.
  • A child gets to learn a new language too- I have seen some baby sitters speaking a different language and that helps a child to learn it. Learning languages definitely are an additional food for the brains!!
  • Now the babysitter may have her own way of setting discipline pattern for the child. That might be a bit of conflict with the way a mother wants. Because for most of the time, your baby stays with her so its tough to get a hold on such thing.
  • Another factor to be considered is the age of the baby sitter. A young babysitter may be very active and enthusiastic but she definitely would lack in experience. A middle aged may have experience but might not be physically fit to take the right amount of care of your baby.
  • These days another concern happens to be the background check. In case of daycare, you don’t have to get into back ground checking of the teachers or the nannies as most of us trust that the daycare has already taken care of it. But when it comes to a babysitter, most of the people who hire them via word of mouth need to stay cautious about their whereabouts and their general habits.
  • In most of the cases, I have observed accent issues with the babysitter. That is something to worry about because I feel that is how a child grasps things. A pronunciation is something which a child needs to be taught in the correct manner or else it takes another effort to correct it.

It’s basically one’s own perspective on how things should be dealt in order to reach the right conclusion. So I leave it to the readers to decide which option would be the best as every individual has his/her own priorities. It’s all situation based. Hope we all are able to give the right education to our kids and succeed in raising them with proper virtues.

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