Dealing With Process Of Teething In Babies


Its been six months that your baby had arrived in your life.All your relatives, friends and well wishers have showered blessings to the new born. By this time you have all sorts of different experiences with your baby. You have formed a very special bond with the little one.
Now, here comes the phase where babies start their teething process. For some it is a very painful procedure. They cry constantly, suffer from pain and remain restless. In such a situation, parents usually get panic, like something unique is happening to their child. On the other side, some children move out of this phase very smoothly without any botheration.

Teething is a natural phenomenon which happens gradually. Some children start teething early and some may take some time. With this, there comes changes in their diet also. Instead of making it an underlining health issue, let it remain as normal part of growth of your baby. Let you and your baby cherish every moment as these are going to be the most wonderful memories.

Here are some home remedies which our elders usually suggest us:-

* Teethers – There are a variety of teethers available in markets nowadays. Just grab a few of them and see they are of good quality and non toxic. Your baby will surely be relaxed with them.

* Salads – You must have seen while teething babies feel a sense of irritation in their gums. Usually a slice of carrot, cucumber or any seasonal salad helps out in such situations.

* Massage – Giving a gentle oil massage to your baby not only relaxes the body but also helps in overall growth of baby. It will also help in strengthening of muscles and bones.

* Nutrition – Remember to give your baby a balanced nutritional diet. It can be in form of soups of different veggies.You can always offer fruits too. Among fruits banana plays a very crucial role. It cater to babies’ calcium requirements. During teething try to give rich amount of calcium and keep your baby hydrated.

So, don’t forget to keep in mind such small little precautionary measures.As we always say tiny steps in appropriate direction always gives fruitful results. You will be glad that this time period transits very smoothly leaving behind such amazing learnings and experiences. And try to make others also aware of this process.

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