Dealing With School Exams Stress

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Dealing with school exams stress
Exam stress is a major challenge kids are facing today. It is expected that one might have stress especially when they are preparing for a test. How you control this kind of worry is what matters. High levels of stress are extremely dangerous as they could cause other unwanted effects to your kid.
People have a different way of dealing with stress, but now that it’s happening to a kid, he/she needs someone to discover their stress and help them to deal with it. It’s not wrong to have an exam fever, we just need to learn how to control it.
Sometimes it could be difficult to notice that your kid has exam stress. It is advisable that you watch your kid closely especially if you note any kind of change in their behavior.
Signs of exam stress
-Negative attitude to attending school. -Lack of sleep or too much sleep. -Reluctance to talk about school. -Immediate change of moods (too moody). -Spending a lot of time or no time on revision and homework. -Change of eating habits.
How to handle exam stress
1. Do not pressure them a lot
Some parents tend to be perfectionists when it comes to their kids’ studies. They put a lot of pressure on their kids that they should pass extremely well in exams. As much as it’s good to encourage your kids to do well in school, too much pressure could cause exam stress. Encourage your kids in other ways. Pressure will do no good.
2. Enough preparation.
When kids feel like they have not studied enough to sit for exams, they easily get stress. They are afraid of failing. This causes kids to start last minutes rush in revision which increases anxiety leading to failure. As a parent you should help your kid during revision. Try some question and answer sessions and make sure they are fully prepared.
3. Help them avoid internal pressure.
Sometimes kids tend to compare themselves with their peers especially in academics. Different students have different brain capacities. Your kid wants to be among the best and this could make them put a lot of pressure on themselves trying to be among the top students. Advise your kids not to put a lot of pressure on themselves. Encourage them to do well but don’t let them stress themselves.
4. Provide the right learning environment.
Some kids cannot concentrate on their revisions when there are certain kinds of distractions such as music. Other kids love some background music when studying. It’s your duty to know the right environment that could help your kid concentrate. Provision of right environment will make revision less stressful.
5. Encourage kids to take regular breaks.
At times kids may not realize that reading constantly could lead to brain saturation. Encourage them to engage in other different things they like but not full-time reading. This will reduce exam stress during revision.

As much as we want our kids to perform well in exams, we should use the right ways to encourage them do that, not adding pressure to them. The first thing to do is help your kid deal with exam stress then advise him/her on how to perfect their studies.

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