Developmental Delays In Kids


“Raghav is 3.5 years old but hardly speaks, just few words like Maa, and some unrecognizable words”…. Spoke his mother with a wave of anxiety and fear. She shared this with her best friend, Sunita who also happens to be a speech therapist.

As per Sunita, Raghav should have been able to communicate in a better mode but hmmmm, there she could spot some developmental delay. But not to worry, she assured Raghav’s mother and suggested few things that she should follow.


Few people might be able to relate this issue as someone in the family might be going through this different phase which haunts the parents and the near and dear ones.

There are solutions to such delays. Although it is of prime importance that these delays get notified or may be caught before they get into a complex zone. As per the doctors, these are better known as Developmental delays. These delays can be overcome if noticed on time.


There are different forms of these delays:

* Language/Speech delay

* Emotional Delay

* Lack of proper Motor skills

* Delay in Thought provoking skills


Language and Speech Delays:

These are two different types often misunderstood to be of the same nature. Speech delay is when a kid is unable to utter the words properly. Or may be takes a long time to learn to speak.

Language delay is when the kid is unable to catch hold of the language and finds it tough to express himself/herself in that particular language.


Reasons for this form of delay may be attributed to these:

–  Hearing problem/loss- Kids with lot of ear infections may go through this problem.

–  Issues with the kid’s tongue or the roof of the mouth

–  Any genetic developmental problem like autism or any other form


If the problem is captured well in advance then the outcome of the treatment can prove beneficial. The treatment involves appointment with a speech therapist or speech-language pathologist who can gauge the real enemy behind all this. In such cases, hearing is tested, the comprehension is considered as in what capability the child holds to understand the particular problem.

A speech therapist shall guide the child on the pronunciation part while also focusing on the strengthening of the face and mouth muscles.

At home, people should communicate more and more with the child, should try to speak those words frequently that pose a hindrance in their vocabulary and the dialogue.

Make the child develop the flare for reading. This would prove fruitful.

Emotional Delay:

These point towards uneasiness of the kids to mingle well socially with other kids/adults.


–  It may be due to autism


–  Medication or any type of behavioral therapy might work wonders.

Lack of Proper Motor skills:

Some kids face issues with respect to the task that speak a lot about the functioning of the motor skills. Playing/throwing ball, or failure in proper coordination of the muscles.


–  There is a possibility that the kid has vision problems due to which he/she is unable to stay on the track.

–  Deficiency in the controlling power of the muscles, often termed as ataxia

–  Erratic functioning in the brain coordination and the movements


–  Proper medication may prove useful

–  A physical therapy may prove beneficial


Delay in Thought provoking skills

Ability to think, learn and remember is unique to every kid and there are certain markers that demarcates normal from something unusual. Like a 3 year old should be able to copy a circle, follow simple instructions, a 4 year should be able to mingle well in terms of certain interactive games and by 5, the child is able to concentrate well on a particular activity without been able to get diverted easily.


–  Defect in the genes

–  Premature birth


–  Play therapy

–  Medication along with behavioral therapy can help to come out of this particular problem

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