Does Weaning Bowl Make Your Baby Cry & Scream? 5 Tips For Your Pleasant Weaning.


Does Weaning Bowl Make Your Baby Cry & Scream? 5 Tips for your pleasant weaning.

Transition from exclusive breastfeeding to weaning solid food is often a challenge in parenting. The experience differs. Some children happily swallow spoonful of sweet potato or apple, pea etc. whereas some start wailing and screaming loudly as soon as they see the weaning dish. You may have witnessed this between your eldest and the younger if you have two children.

In general, weaning crying baby is always a daunting situation for Moms. It gets worse if your first born still not weaning properly and the second is already at its six months. Often Moms get confused and frustrated as everything goes wrong in and around. Eventually they get mad with their growing skinny body and drowned energy.

Indeed you need to first understand why your weaning baby crying when eating or while initiating solid food. Whether you are a first time Mom or a second time, over the period you must be well acquainted with the mood of your baby. You know when your baby wants to sleep and which symptoms say that he or she is hungry.

Similarly if you have already started with weaning solid food you must have noticed the taste and preference of your baby. If your baby weans at ease, it is fine. But once the baby refuses, your problem starts. You are then to answer several questions. When did you feed solid food? Is it before the normal breast feeding or after? How long since your baby started refusing weaning? Etc. Watch out the following tips to try a pleasant weaning experience especially if you have a problem with weaning crying baby.

  1. Make sure of the age: As per the Baby-led weaning (BLW) formula and WHO recommendations, complementary diet can be fed to babies at their six months. However, some babies reach for foods as early as by five months, and some wait for seven to eight months. If you are trying weaning at the six months of your baby and find that your weaning baby crying when eating, wait for one more month.
  2. Find out the preference of your baby: Never detach your baby from breast feeding while introducing weaning. Before feeding the solid food you must breastfeed the baby. In the process find out the preference of your baby. If the baby likes to wean before breastfeeding, then slowly reduce breastfeeding.
  3. Frequently change the taste, color, fragrance of food & bowl while weaning: Observe the taste of your baby. Change the food frequently based on the taste of your baby. Never feed the same food even if it is the preferred taste of your baby. Make sure you also change the color and smell of the food. Occasionally change the weaning bowl too.
  4. Share the food with other children: Your baby not only prefers the best taste of the food, but also sees who all are eating the same food. And the baby imitates others. Therefore, feed one or two spoon to other children when your baby watches them eating. You yourself can eat a spoonful of his or her bowl so that the baby gets encouraged to take the food.
  5. Distract the attention of your baby: Distract the attention of your baby from the bowl. Motion can help in distracting the baby. You can sing some soothing song or talk to the baby. But, make sure to hold the baby close to you affectionately.

The bottom line of the entire discourse suggests that weaning is the only option to make the baby quit breastfeeding and get habituated with complementary nutrition. Some Moms argue that they have no problem in breastfeeding their children as long as they need. But at a certain point of time your child definitely needs complementary food which again should start with weaning. Therefore, weaning is must, but how do you wean is important.




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