Don’t Give Me A Doll To Play – Let Me Fly Free


Don’t give me a doll to play  – let me fly free

Allow me to fly free in the sky, as I don’t want to cry.
Don’t leave me alone with doll in my hand,
Because some day I will move my magic wand.
Very soon I will reach up high and say it loud,
”I have made my parents proud”.

There is a pre-assumed misconception that girl child always want to play with dolls and playing with balls or games which need physical strength  are often related to boys. Although  nowadays there is a commendable change in thinking of people, but still why a doll is given as a gift only to girls?  Why not a pair of boxing gloves?

It’s true there is liking for playing with dolls, kitchen sets etc more among girls. But it doesn’t mean every child’s preferences are same. We can’t restrict small kids to a particular set of toys. This distinguishing line needs to be erased.

In today’s world there are many inspirational  and successful woman personalities in different areas for example cricket,athletics scientific research,boxing, wrestling, space and so on. There is a need to understand the interest and talent of your kids. There can’t be pre defined limits for children as per assumptions of their parents.

Parents can adhere to the following behavior patterns towards their  children

Don’t differentiate – Parents must never make differences between their children whether boy child or a girl child. Like, offer them common set of toys to play.

Be unbiased – It is necessary for every mom and dad not to be partial toward one of their child. This may develop a feeling of being neglected  in other.

Never underestimate – Never make opinions regarding  child’s capabilities. Girls must not be restricted only to households  rather they may reach to great levels. Being a parent give equal opportunities to your children.

Don’t create boundaries – There are some myths that a particular area of work is not appropriate for girls, likewise for boys. For example working for a graveyard shift is not preferred for some. There is a need to vanish those boundations.

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