Easy-as-pie ways to teach ‘Life Skills’


Its true, parenting is an uphill task. Like all other tasks in the world, here too, we have milestones. But they just keep becoming more and more tough-to-get-there, with time.

There are a lot of parents who remain concerned about how well the child is doing academically, or in extra curricular activities. What are his/ her scores? How have the grades improved over time? How many contests has the child entered into in last one year compared to what he/she did the year before that? And much more….

There is no doubt that these factors are great indicators of your child’s growth. They are an absolute essential….and no one arguing on that! (By the way, did I just cross my fingers :P)

Without taking away the credit from what can be quantified, I would like to talk about something that cannot be counted in numbers or grades or even in a pie chart. Its called “Life skills” and I cannot overemphasise how important they are. Wikipedia says; “Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life”. 

Here are 6 easy-as-pie ways to try and inculcate the all-so-important, “Life Skills’ in your children:

Share your meal: Encourage your child to serve others before getting served. When they get a snack for themselves, do encourage them to check with others around them, if they would like to have a bite too. It is going to be hard for them initially….like “really” testing! But will do them a lot of good in times to come. So please don’t stop trying…

Make a meal: Now we all want to keep our children away from the horrors of cooking in a kitchen. I understand! What I would recommend is trying simple “cooking without fire” options. It is a good time to encourage children to make virgin mojitos, salads, sandwiches, fruit chats or even biscuit-chocolate sauce cakes and serve them to family and friends. You may of course need to guide them and provide them the chopped vegetables and fruits where necessary. The pleasure and sense of fulfilment they would get from putting together a snack on their own, will be incomparable!

Lay the table and serve food: Its fine if the table for once is not laid in a five-course-meal format, let them try! Laying down the table cautiously makes them respectable of food and proper eating habits. You will no longer have to keep reminding them the table manners. They would flow in naturally, you will see.

Clean your mess: There is an unsaid rule in life….’when you realise that you need to clean your own mess, you make less of it!’ And this stands true even for our dear children. Hand them over a cute little broom and few dusting cloths and make them work like little ‘Mary Poppins’. The magic should never stop, isn’t it?

The magic words: “Thank you”, “Sorry”, “Excuse me”…..The three magic words that we learnt in our schools, still holds utmost importance in everyones life. It makes children humble and responsible, so why not give a try to our good-old-wisdom?

Take caring of the loved ones: Teach your children to be empathetic. Simple questions such as “mom, how are you feeling now? Is your headache better? Dad, would you like me to fetch you a glass of water? or something to eat maybe?” go a long way in not only enhancing your bond with children, but also making them a better human being. So encourage them to be aware and care…

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  1. Yeah, in fact life itself is the best teacher but it is always hood to keep a note of these easy to learn life hacks..

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