Easy-on-pocket ideas to “design” kid’s room!


Priyanka had a dream of having the picture-perfect, magazine-cover-worthy room for her child. But after the baby was born, she could hardly get time or gather enough patience to get the room overhauled.

Her family and friends did gift her cute little artefacts, soft toys and crib decor, but she failed to build a common theme around it. To top it all, finances played the role of a ‘mean boss’ and weren’t in favour, so employing a professional interior decorator was out of question for the new parents.

So what did that mean for Priyanka?

Nope! She did not profess giving up at all…to our relief!

So Priyanka picked up the task at hand and impeccably planned the room decor with easy-to-install and light-on-pocket ideas for the nursery of her dream.

Here are her 5 noteworthy ideas that are not just simple-to-execute, but have meaningful impact.

Decals: These are a ‘must-have’ feature on your child’s room wall. Especially if you wish to build a certain theme, this uber chick and low-cost idea will help you get started….and how! Online shopping avenues are loaded with great options. Take your time to explore and choose the most suitable one that matches your idea of the perfect room.

Storage organisers: You can never have enough storage when its about children! So try this option. Get cupboard organisers. These movable, flexible compartments help you create space and build stacks where there were none! Children’s clothes, stationary items, little things that become out of sight very soon….will all thank you for organising them in this impeccable manner.

Display/ Soft board: There is no better work-of-art than your child’s scribbles, hand prints, untidy origami and coarse drawings…so display them with pride! Put up a soft board and pin up all your child’s art adventures. Replace with the more recent ones and watch your child’s ability grow from day-to-day.

Blackboard: If your kid loves to write on the wall, give them one of theirs. There are several options of a blackboard wall paper or stick-on decals available in the market. Do explore and find a size that is most suitable for their height and reach. You could always instruct them to not spoil the rest of the house and write on their very own “blackboard wall” only.

Bookrack: Your child can never be too young to have their own book-rack. Become your child’s favourite story teller. Get age appropriate books and stack them up in-style on the kid’s very own bookrack. Let the collection expand as your children spread their wings and graduate to better books.

Beautify, innovate and design-in-style but make sure you declutter the room from time to time. Bring in new and relevant stuff and give away things that your child no longer needs, no matter how pretty and cute it looks. Else, it will eventually gather dust and occupy space that could very easily be given to something that is actually being used by your child. Happy designing!

Do share your budget-friendly ideas with the group…..and keep visiting us 🙂

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