Effect Of Watching Inappropriate Sites And How Can Parents Deal!!


Childhood is one of the most cherishable phase that any parent would enjoy.  In fact, a good childhood creates a wave of happiness in the family. It also creates a long lasting impression on the child, whether the experience has been good or bad or at times confusing. Out of many widespread scary and a perturb phase, “irrelevant site watching” happens to be on the first row along with few disturbing and alarming situations.

“Teacher, today we would want to go home early” said Rahul and Aditya to their tuition mam. She gave them a sharp look and then granted the permission. This is the third time Rahul and Aditya had asked for an early exit from the class. She then called their parents and informed. They were surprised to hear this but then decided to keep a track. Luckily, the maid who works at Rahul’s place saw him entering with Aditya and other two strangers into the cyber café. She leaked this info at Rahul’s home. Immediately, Rahul’s dad went to that café and found him. He checked the history and found the unexpected. He was watching those inappropriate sites!! Before we receive such shockers from the kids, we must be well prepared in advance, communicate well with them so as to avoid their innocent eyes watching these sites that change the entire view of a human relationship.

These days kids are more prone to such sensitive sites owing to the exposure to unpleasant gestures or scenes in ads, movies etc. With widespread access to the internet, kids somehow find out their way to such malicious routes.


Its important to talk with our kids on such matters which might help to mitigate the effect of watching such scenes. One thing we all need to understand is that such exposure is harmful for the kids of any age!!


* It might give them a confusing idea or at times might frighten them to death. Many are sensitive to such things.

* Some might experience arousal on watching these at a much younger age and this might lead them to “early sex” activity and later on may take them towards the need of multiple partners.

* Or they might become “de-sensitized” later on and might not understand when any other adult is trying to get closer to them in an inappropriate way.

* At the later stages in life, it gives rise to cases like infidelity and divorce.

* Prolonged exposure to such irrelevant content by men may make them think women as “Objects”. Such men never see women with respect.

* Gradually, it becomes addictive and engulfs the kids to watch more and more of it.

* It also leads to an aggressive behavior in kids

How can Parents play their role?

* Parents need to talk to them. Now, this subject is not just one time discussion but a series of discussions to help the child understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Engaging in such activities prior to marriage is not something modern. Certain explicit not decent images, video games, songs, movies are responsible and parents need to be conscious about all these.

* Parents can try to explain these things in a way like- There is no respect shown in such images. These shouldn’t be given importance.

* Teach your child to take their own stand. Sometimes, owing to peer pressure, they might be forced to engage in such activities. There are kids who motivate other kids by saying that-“Look, how cool it is to be engaged in such activities. You must try. You are a grown man or a woman.” These things should not encourage their footsteps towards a wrong path.

* Keep that eye on your kids on what they are watching, what is the duration and their reaction after watching.

* Enforce limits on screen time.

* Teach kids to respect every member of the family-young or old.


We cannot cut their bonding with the outer world but rather try to make them educated, confident so that they are strong enough to face such struggles in their life with utmost care. This way their chances of falling to the wrong track is also reduced.


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