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Although a number of religious gurus and icons are promoting themselves heavily on social media these days, however, our community has not gained much. Much talk and less implementation is what usually happens to all the knowledge that we gain from watching such videos. However, beyond doubt is a benefit that the idea and importance of emotional health has again surfaced up due to all this promotion. Is there any visible step our society is taking to achieve the talk? No. So, as of now, this responsibility lies exclusively on our shoulders as parents. Follow some parenting tips mentioned below which are easy and useful to follow for emotion coaching of your little one!

1.Emotion Coaching: Teach your child how to control emotions and behave in a balanced pattern. Children tend to get over excited very soon. You just need to give them some candies and they get high! And at the same time they are very much vulnerable to becoming sad, say even losing a game of snakes and ladders can throw them in a low mode! So better teach them to be stable and balanced all the time. And teach them that even if they get triggered, they must learn to get back to normal as soon as possible. 

2.Talk to your child: Of-course one must be self-motivated, but it is ok to keep on motivating your children with strong positive emotions. Schools teach them all the curriculum, but if you teach them how to achieve what they aspire for and how to feel comfortable when things do not go as planned, your target is achieved.

3.A Conducive Environment: As parents we must try to create an environment around the child which is full of happiness. Happiness must be a way of life rather than being dependent upon situations or aspirations.

4.Hand Over Responsibility: We always ensure that children complete their homework on time. We tell them it is your responsibility to brush your teeth. But do we tell them that it is your responsibility to be happy and peaceful all the time. Start telling them at an early age so that they know, this is also one of their major responsibilities.

5.Forgiveness: It is vital to teach your children to forgive. Statistics say, and even the “Pope” said, the foundation of every happy family is forgiveness. Nobody is perfect and all make mistakes. But if you can let it go, only then can you grow beyond conflicts and turmoil in human relationships. So teach your children to forgive, as they have to lead families when they grow up.

Always appreciate and positively reinforce your children. A young child encounters a number of new events and situations in everyday life. There is a lot he/she has to cope up with. If given a conducive atmosphere, the child can easily absorb all the tricks of emotion coaching mentioned above. Else, these all can also seem like huge tasks to achieve! So help your child become a master of his psychic front.


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