Experience: A Motherly Story


We usually are always eager for a baby’s arrival. But as soon as it is there, everything gets chaotic. And mothers usually crave for a “me” time of their own! One such story a friend of mine recently narrated at our kitty party……..

Jasmine showed up at the kitty party after about five months this time. We had met at different occasions in the meantime, but a kitty party is something different. Ladies open up and discuss things with such miniscule details, along with the masala and gossip they spice up the facts with, that it is definitely looked forward to. And the entire focus was on Jasmine, thanks to her re-joining after such a long gap, with her little angel Ashney this time.

Jasmine was so excited and bubbly on meeting her girl gang, not the least, completely obsessed with talking about her experience. “All my time goes with the baby. I cannot go to the gym, I cannot go the parlour, I cannot go to my usual swimming. Ashney has to be fed every 2 to 3 hours.” Endless baby-sitting sessions with her, left Jasmine tired and drained out. “While she was in the tummy, I was dying to have her out. And now when she is out, she is a little bundle of mischief and disorder all the time. Even today, I had to bring her to this gathering with me, she cannot manage without me at all!” Thank God Jasmine was a housewife, I wonder what would she have done, if she was working and was to join back work.

Talking to Jasmine, we realized how much energy and how much attention little ones require. We tend to forget those early days once our children cross the age of two or three and become somewhat independent. However, it is mostly the same for everyone during those days. I remember how I used to wait for my daughter, Kaira, to sleep at night so that I could peacefully check my phone. One of my unmarried friends had asked me, “Why don’t you leave her on the bed (as Kaira was too young even to turn that time), and do whatever you want?” Who would tell her that a little ones pee in a moment, and then are again hungry in a moment, and then need to be talked to the very next moment and the list goes on….!

But yes, those are the days that I really miss. Today my girl is 8, she no longer needs mommy around for every little task, and that is what I miss now! Jasmine’s non-stop commentary about Ashney and her routine has made a nostalgic. We tend to get tired, but remember time waits for none. Instead of cribbing or handing over every need of your child to the nanny, one must enjoy these golden moments which would never return. Who said motherhood does not come with a manual?

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