Experiences: The “Joker Me” Behaviour


Children, as we know, have a very clear conscious. Usually they conform to rules of social behaviour, as they feel that is what is expected out of them. And many children, in the wake of doing so, start pleasing everybody in their vicinity at their own expense. They start behaving in absurd manners so as to gain attention and to see everybody laugh over them.

I met such a child on my flight last week to Hawaii. I was on a vacation with my family from Delhi to Hawaii on an about 24 hour flight. There was an American girl about 7 years of age as our co-passenger. Initially she was silent and reserved, but as 2-3 hours of time passed, she started talking to her parents, however, as if to attract the attention of other unknown travellers. Sometime she would take a chip out of her bag, and sometime she would start making funny faces. Sometimes she would start jumping and sometimes she would make funny sounds. People around her were laughing on her activities, and she was enjoying them. She even lay on the floor of the plane and rolled from side to side, trying to copy her favourite cartoon character “Shin Chan” and enjoying how people were admiring her entertaining stunts. Her parents constantly tried to stop her, they would succeed sometimes, and then she would again pick up something else in a while. I watched all this from my seat and could see the dismal on her parents faces as they saw their child behaving like a joker, and everybody joshing over her behaviour in their hearts!

Pondering about her behaviour during my entire flight, I gathered that it very normal for children to indulge into such behaviour so as to become a centre of attraction. However, as parents it is our duty to educate and remind them constantly; that it is not their duty to amuse others. One must behave appropriately and can crack a joke or two, but not make people laugh at oneself. Initially it begins as entertainment, but slowly and gradually, your surroundings would stop taking you seriously.

One should not set an image of oneself as being silly or worthless or a mere piece meant for other peoples’ merrymaking. Of course it is good if we can help someone, but never let people dominate your behaviour or your thoughts. Children are usually ignorant of the fact that if people are laughing at them, it does not mean appreciation. In fact it means ridicule to some extent. And you must look forward for appreciation from your parents or teachers perhaps, but not from each and everybody you meet. Curb your child today if he/she is indulging in such a behaviour before it becomes a permanent habit.

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