Fashion Goals To Go For With Your Young One This Summer


Summer is a jovial time for most of us. Especially in India, when we have a long awaited summer vacation and have been postponing everything for this time of time of the year. We usually plan many activities and hobby classes for this period of about 40 to 45 days. However, the latest fad is, parents are deciding on some strict fashion goals to be achieved with their young ones, during this time.

Read below to take some tips and make your little one more excited for the upcoming vacations!

These tips are more practical for the same gender parent and child duo, however feel free to twist and turn it as per your creativity.

1. Go for the same haircut: Earlier it was just restricted to getting a nice haircut for your kid, but now parents are going for the exact same haircuts or hair-do. Dressing alike was something burning until the last year, but now it has stepped ahead to cover the hair.

2. Blue denims and white shirts: Now this is a complete rage this summer, if you have young kids of 3 to 12. Parents and children are wearing the same shade of the denims to match with white shirts or beautifully laced tops if it is girls we are talking about.

3. Checks and Polkas: Checks are in for boys and polkas for young girls. Get your little one a cute designed check or polka, and then flaunt it at a beach or bungee.

4. Matching cars: Now this one’s a rich man’s game, but it is getting quite some likes and appreciation. People are buying the same coloured cars, for themselves and their little ones (the miniature version of course for the little one), and driving together outdoors in open spaces. Red and Blue are the most popular choices for this.

5. Watches: Watches are a rage among our male group this summer. Fathers and sons are wearing the same watches. Companies like Tissot and Guess have taken it one step further and released watches for this due, taking it forward from exclusive sets for couples.

6. Swimming: Parents are taking their kids swimming, in matching costumes. The ones for the little ones are customized a bit, to look cuter and more “Kiddier”, and the combination stands out in the crowd.

7. Interior decoration: Now this one is done to please the kids and impress their friends actually. Parents are going for bunk beds this summer, decorating rooms in themes of some characters or nature etc., and getting the interiors done accordingly, of course for their little angel’s room.

8. Makeup: This is the girl’s only arena, and both mommies and young girls are going for similar makeups in electric colors like blue, green and yellows. Of-course not for weddings or formal parties, but for a casual shopping round.

9. Nail art: We know how girls are. Even from young childhood, they develop all the sense and liking for fashion. That is why some mothers are choosing to go for replicated nail arts that are exactly the same. Frozen from Disney is quite a rage in this genre and even mothers are accompanying their daughters in this regard. The light blues and the light pinks are also soothing to the eye.


And yes, do not forget to go for a photo-shoot, once you are ready and all decked up with whatever idea you have chosen. These would make for lifetime memories to laugh upon later on.

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