Financial Crisis And The Kids


Like many issues that may pose a hindrance in the growth and development of the child, I feel this one too needs to be noticed. Life isn’t easy for many but can be moved ahead with patience, support and love within the family. These steps that we take shape the thinking of the child.

There are many kids going through such harsh circumstances but they are able to strive well because of the good management skills portrayed by their parents. Certain points should be kept in mind while you think of making the child aware of the situation.

Communicate well:

It is of prime importance that you communicate with your kids on this topic. If the savings are on the verge of extinction, communicate honestly with them. Make them aware of the situation whether that would mean shifting to a new home, which may be smaller in size, or cutting on unnecessary expenses. Certain things that can be limited to some extent may be like toys, clothes etc.

Cut off on leisure trips:

This needs to be taken care of. Kids are as usual excited about trips, picnics but if the situation is unfavorable then these may require back off. In this case, you might be in need of more time to explain them, dnt hesitate.

Keep yourself calm:

As a parent, a lot goes on the mind. There is always a financial burden and in today’s world, it is actually very difficult to cope up with the huge expenses that we face in our daily necessities. We must remember not to explode or fall apart as this might be scary for the kids.

Read books to the kids:

Read books to the kids that may match with the real life consequences. This would give some amount of comfort to the kids. Many a times, kids relate their life stories with their favorite cartoon or story characters. Sometimes, such things help and pave way for stress free moment.

Share your hardships too!!

Yes, you may share some of your experiences that taught you to deal with life in dire events. What your parents taught you and how you coped up in such a situation will actually act as their confidence booster. It somewhere also relieves them as they get to comprehend that such situation happens with others too and that they are not the only one going through this.

Take your kids out while purchasing stuffs for home:

Teach them to buy stuffs in a wise manner. Identify some stores that provide good amount of discount so that next time they visit such stores for shopping on their own. They shall be able to relate well with the situation.

Keep motivating them:

Remember they are kids, they are sensitive. We need to deal with them in the most sensible way. A way that doesn’t depress them, in fact before you speak to your kid about a problem, try getting some solution so that they know that the door isn’t closed. Situation is tight at the moment but there is another way to deal with it. This way they shall even start thinking of some ideas on their own. Remember this way, you are also enhancing their thinking capacities.

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