First Day, First School!


My daughter Aira is 4 years old and I attended her graduation ceremony yesterday at her preschool. Yes, a graduation ceremony for pre-schoolers, perhaps the latest fad of our age! Anyways, the occasion was both nostalgic and sentimental for me. It seemed it was just a few days back, when I had dropped her off to school for the very first time.

Aira is my first child, and so like all other mommies of my age, I am also too obsessed with my sweet angel. She is the apple of my eyes. I and my husband got her admitted to the best playschool in our city. Her joining date was 21st March 2018, which was soon impending. Preparations had begun since early march for her first day at school. I got her the best bag, the most attractive tiffin and the most “barbian” water bottle, accounting for her love for Barbie dolls. Her dress was decided, what shoes she would wear. The details were miniscule to an extent that we even decided her handkerchief that she would carry. And I remember, how I had liked one pencil case, but the school provided its own stationary, so I had to drop buying it! That is how mothers are. Maybe! But that is what I had done and felt for our little Aira.

Finally the day came. I prepared a beautiful fruit salad for her lunch, in the shape of an ostrich, made out of kiwis, oranges, cherries and a rice cake. Once everything was in place, both me and my husband went to drop her off. She was both nervous and excited, but stayed silent during our entire route of about 20 minutes. The school gave us a very warm welcome and a picture of us three together was taken. We were then asked to leave while Aira taken inside. Now this was “THE” thing. I guess the most difficult moment of my life till now. I was a little tearful, but could not let them roll out as it would only disturb Aira further. I had been counselling and preparing her for the first day at school from the last many days, but now I felt it was me who needed some preparing! Lol! Anyways, we waited outside in the car as the first day was supposed to be only two hours for the kids to acclimatize themselves to the new environment.

My husband asked me if  I would like to sit in a nearby café and have some tea or coffee, but how could I go? I don’t even know if Aira would eat anything at school! What if some teacher calls me that Aira is crying inconsolably and wants me to come? What if we get late by stucking in traffic while coming to pick her up? And most importantly what about the promise I had made to my little daughter that I would be waiting outside? Of course, my husband found all my reasons silly, as men are, but he could at the same time understand the rush of emotions I was undergoing.

Finally two hours also passed and parents started gathering to pick their wards. I was standing in the queue when I saw my little pie come with a nanny. The nanny was holding her bag and bottle while Aira was busy looking all around and talking to another child, maybe a fellow classmate. She was all in smiles and laughter. Oh my! I had simply spent the last two hours constantly worrying about her and she was enjoying and having fun all the time. My husband was laughing at me, but both us were very happy that Aira was not one of those children who completely cry out their first few days at school. What an adjusting and flexible child we are blessed with!

Thinking of all this, I am filled with feelings of gratefulness and gratification for my own mother today. No love can replace a mother’s love. And no place feel as safe as mother’s lap!

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