Grooming With Your Girl


Child is the father of man! True it is. And another thing to add is that a child can make you do things that no-one else could. At least this is true for me when it comes to my daughter Saira, who is now 17. Let me share some experiences that I have with Saira these days, particularly since the day she stepped in her teens.

I have been kind of a book worm, tomboyish personality that has always been away from girl delicacies like makeup, dressing up sophisticatedly, jewellery, organizing etc. My husband Kartik tried to mould me for a few years after my marriage and finally gave up. He accepted the way I am and told me he has given up his dream of a decorated and ornamented wife, and loves me as a jubilant partner. He started thinking this aspect of my personality was better, maybe a more mature approach towards life! In-fact it was he who changed for me and we have become a lovely joyous couple who spreads positivity wherever we go.

Now since the last couple of years, a similar phase has again knocked my door, when my daughter Saira started pushing me towards such things feminine. She likes me to put on a daily makeup before I hit office, she wants me to sometimes dress in gowns and maxis to evening dinners, instead of my blue or black denims all the time. She likes me to put on some fancy watches replacing the sports watch that I wear all the time (she gifted me one on mother’s day, and now I am supposed to wear it). She went with Kartik and got me about a dozen new dresses, which both of them deemed fit to get me into this angel mommy avatar, and Kartik is feeling so happy that his long pushed back dream of seeing his wife this way is finally taking picture. Of course you cannot say no to little kids, she blackmails me then with a dull and sullen face and sits in the living room watching T.V. then. And the funniest part is, sometimes she counsels me, “Mom, you must wear this. This makes you look prettier. See how pretty you look in that green gown from Givenchy! Even Daddy and I love it.” And sometimes she says, “Mom you must try different things, not always the traditional comfy wear. That will make you more impressive in office.” In case when that also fails to work, the last resort is, “Mom we have only one life. We must try different things!” I love this piece of advice from her, and I feel it to be so funny in my heart, but I still manage to maintain a serious and attentive face to her. Even Kartik laughs and winks at me when she starts lecturing this way, but I think she is my extreme opposite when it comes to the love for fashion. Maybe Kartik’s wish during my entire pregnancy was finally granted in Saira.

But you know, sometimes we refuse everyone, out of comfort, or out of disagreement, or out of routine, but when we have to say no to our kids for something, we think a hundred times. And also, I somewhere feel that Saira is right and she knows everything, and I believe in her fashion style more than my own, even when she is just about 17. It gives my happiness to follow what she says, to actually see people look admiringly at me when I flock around in a dress she advises me to wear, and I am happy she is not like the usual teenagers who sometimes shun their parents at this age totally, and feel irritated all the time. Ours is a beautiful, sweet daughter who loves us to the moon and back!

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