Hair Styles – Increasing Craze Among Kids


Hair styles – Increasing craze among kids
Hair style is an essential part which contributes to our appearance. In such a rapidly changing  environment in terms of fashion trends who doesn’t want to look stylish. Every individual likes to wear nice clothes and look attractive. But nowadays equal focus is given to the way we carry out our hair. It is more prominent in kids.

Children have their choices regarding the hair style they need to get. They are very particular about the length, hair cut, accessories etc. Often girls are seen when they are still in kindergarten imitate by wearing her mom’s hair accessories and keep admiring herself in mirror. This is not only limited to girls but boys are also in the same race. They are equally interested in the way they get their hair done. Some teenagers also prefer hair colors which are readily available nowadays. They don’t want to stick to same so they keep on changing frequently. Some boys opt for spikes in short hair whereas others want to have hair with a little length. And why not they are redefining their personality every time.

Today’s parents also want their child to move with the changing trends whether it is their dressing sense, the footwear they buy or the hair look they are choosing. They take them to best salons to get them the perfect hair cut keeping in mind it should enhance their personality.

At the same time parents need to be extra careful with the kids when it it the matter of hair. Besides the looks, children need to have healthy hair. The growth may get hampered if they use any harsh chemical products and the hair tools may sometimes also cause damage to the roots of hair. There is fast growth of hair in children in early years due to the hormones.In later years it tend to slow down a bit. Don’t let your child take risk with the quality of the hair. Therefore, be aware of the benefits and side effects of any product before using it for kids.

Here are some things to be kept in mind for healthy hair of children

Nutritional diet
Although you may be applying a lot of things to your kids hair it is of no use if they don’t intake balanced nutritional diet. The food that they eat always reflect in their overall growth whether it’s the skin or hair. Do take care of your kids meals and make sure it includes all the necessary nutrients.

Avoid harmful products
There are many coloring products available. If children are too young it is better to avoid them. They may cause irritation in their eyes. But if it is the matter of those in late teens opt those variants which are natural and don’t have any strong ingredients.

Avoid too much use of electric products
At early age kids hair may get damaged if they use too much of the electric products like straighteners, dryers, etc. Overuse of any of these is not advisable.

Use mild cleansers
Always remember that kids are very sensitive either it is their skin, eyes or hair. Opt the mild hair cleansers or may be herbal. Sometimes children do get carried away with the shampoos which elders are using but make sure you keep them out of reach of your kids.

Oil massage
It is the most traditional way of hair care. Kids usually don’t like to oil their hair. They always refuse to get a head massage. Parents need to really push them to moisturize their hair. Just do it at night before they go to bed and wash in morning. By this way they won’t actually feel the oil the whole day. It will not only make hair strong but also repair the damages. Kids also feel very relaxed this way.

Get them some hair accessories as kids like them the most, specially girls. Bands, clips, etc helps in beautifying the hair and add some grace to it. By using these they will actually learn to like their natural hair.

Age of the kids
Children always become a bit experimental when they see hair do of others. They like to do what their elder siblings or their family members are doing. They also get influenced by seeing the images of celebrities. But this is the parents responsibility to ensure that there kids are going as per their age. Sometimes they tend to over do  but you need to set some rules.

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