Hilarious Encounter With A Toddler!


When it comes to raising a toddler, you never know what the new day will bring to you. They are so mischievous that you can’t fathom it.  Here, through this blog post, I want to share a funny incident that will surely make you giggle.

We are a millennial generation and our way of raising kids is different.  Though our parents, elders condemn our habit of showing our smartphone to children but we can’t help it a lot. These gadgets are addictive and a must for workaholic mums. So, at the age of 2.5 years, my baby got indulged into it and he used to hear rhymes on Chu Chu TV.  As a responsible mother, I tried to control his habit by raising a red flag to his father, but this is what happened.

Just like other days, it was a usual routine day, wherein I had to cook breakfast for the family, wash dishes and do other tasks that a housewife is obliged to do.  That day, after cooking the meal, I was washing the dishes and thinking about how life has changed. In the meanwhile, my son called me from behind and he said Mama, I want to listen to rhymes, please turn on the Wi- Fi, but I pretended to be a responsible mother and I said, No Beta it will damage your eyes and spoke all the crap that my child was not ready to listen. He got so angry with my gibberish words that he decided to do something that we never thought of.

After doing all the household chores, I asked my husband where my phone is, he said that I don’t know. We raided the house and discovered hidden treasures (car key) that we have been searching for a long time, but we couldn’t locate the mobile. Our search intensified and we sniffed like a detective dog in every nook and corner of the home. Alas! We couldn’t find it. We both lost our detective abilities in some time and with a deep heart, I resumed my household duties once again.

I switched on the washing machine to wash the pile of clothes, without realizing an unusual sound that gripped my ears. To my surprise,  when I put my hand inside it, I found my smartphone back. With a smile plastered on my face and with a heavy heart, I showed it to my husband and then we realized that in a fit of rage, he must have thrown the mobile phone in it. He never made a candid confession for it but we realized how dangerous a no could be. Well, this kicked my mind thinking that are our kids not designed to hear no or are they too mischievous to handle? Well, I still can’t find the answer to this question. But my mobile screen got damaged and I had to substitute it for a bar phone for a couple of months. (sic).

Now when I think of this incident, it elevates my mood and I am forced to think that sometimes handing a smartphone your child can be a sanity saver (especially when you are too busy to handle them or when you are in line at the supermarket).

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