How Parents Should React When Their Child Is Short Tempered


Some kids’ reactions are intense even to very small problems. Most of the times, kids react this way because they don’t know how to control their feelings. Kids could slam doors, scream, cry out loud and sometimes even throw objects at other people, just because maybe their parents asked them not to wear a certain short. This are very big reactions and without control they could cause them to hurt other kids or even themselves.
Some parents may decide to send kids to their rooms when they get angry and sometimes even leave them to react until they are done. This will not help your child overcome their anger instead it will only make that anger to grow and get more intense with time. The best thing you can do about it is to help your child learn how to control their anger issues.
Here are some few strategies you can use:
1. Set a good example.
Most of the times, kids emulate their parents. They want to do what they see you doing because they believe it is the right thing. When you have issues with your spouse or may be friends, do not over react. If your kids are used to you slamming the door when you are angry, rest assured they will also try that when they get angry.
2. Encourage them to do things they enjoy doing.
When you notice your kid reacting out of anger, it is advisable that you engage them in doing things they like. If your child likes to play with toys, bring him the toys. This is likely to draw them away from their anger reactions. With time, they will learn that certain things help them to control their anger and so whenever they feel angry, they will always engage themselves in such activities.
3. Talk it out.
When your kids get anger outbursts, you should try to ask them what is happening. Ask them why they are angry, how they are feeling and what they want. If they shout to you or still over react when talking to you, try to calm them down and tell them that is wrong. Show them that you can understand them even when they are calm without shouting or screaming. This really helps as next time when your kid is angry, they will confront you calmly and tell you what is wrong.
4. Discover things that frequently make them angry.
There could be things that constantly lead to your child getting angry. Could be a shoe whose laces always give them headache to tie. If there are such things, help your kid to avoid them. You can show them an easier way of dealing with such things or you can help them do it. Show them how easy it is and that they don’t really need to get angry over such things.
Kids cannot discover how to deal with anger issues on their own. It is not bad to get angry. All that matters is how to deal with anger. It is your duty as parents to discover your kid’s temper and help them to overcome it.

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