How To Bond With Your Newborn Baby


How to bond with your newborn baby

The bonding of parents and child is something that has existed for years. It’s irreplaceable, surprising and exhilarating. This bonding period for some parents starts from when they first see the sonogram picture of the child for the first time. For others, it happens when they hold the baby for the first time.

On some rare occasion, it takes some time to bond with the child, and this should not be considered as a problem per se. Recent statistics have shown that 20% of new parents or first-time mom don’t easily form this bond with the newborn baby.

Notwithstanding the temperament, behavior, and timing of the parent-infant bonding, it can finally be created in different unique ways.

Here are some easy ways to create a lasting bond with our child

  1. Bonding through touch

The best way to bond with a newborn baby is through the power of touch. It is advisable to take up your child in your arms whenever you are free, and it is convenient for you. There is a skin-to-skin connection when you carry the child often. This can also take place by holding the baby’s hand when bathing the child, playing with him/her, and by keeping them close to your chest. This warmth from the skin-to-skin contact helps to create a strong parent-to-child bond.

  1. Let’s sing

Singing to the baby is another great way to create a bond with the child. Sing some bursary rhymes or any other calming song that you wish. Entertaining your bundle of joy with your voice is a step to bonding not minding how bad the voice might seem to be. Babies love it when we sing to them.

  1. Body massage

Body massage is a fun way to develop a bond with the child. This also helps to reduce premature stress while keeping them healthy and safe

  1. Know your baby

Always pay close attention to the child. Keep a close eye on the baby facial expression while you spend as much time as you can with him or her. This way, you tend to know every of the Childs move, and you begin to understand when they are feeling sleepy, hungry or uncomfortable

  1. Speak with the child

This is a step every parent should take even before the child is birthed. Words and talk is a fast way to bond with the child. It has been proven that sound has a strong effect on babies. Babies can develop a bond while in the womb by just hearing the voices of their parents.

  1. Keep them closer

Proximity creates fondness. Babies feel secured when they are proximity between them and the parents. Try to be close to them when playing or you might keep their coo close to your bed at night.

With this tips, you are on your way to building a bonding time with your child. But if you still find it hard to bond or develop an emotional attachment with your child, contact a gynecologist to check if it’s a medical issue or a psychological problem so as to know how to help you.

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