How To Boost Kids With Low Self-Esteem!!


After a long tiring day at work, I decided to take a stroll in the park. Avyansh, my son had been to tuition and I had enough time to relax on my own. This time I thought of sitting in the park. As I sat down, my eyes fell on a young kid of around 4-5 years old who was constantly gazing at the bunch of some kids who were busy enjoying with each other. They were playing football, at times hitting each other and so on.

The body language of this kid who was standing as an alien aloof from everyone showed his low self-esteem. This caught my attention. I went around him and asked his name and with a low voice he said “Amit”. I asked him few more questions and got to know that he is basically someone suffering from self-worth crisis. I couldn’t keep my calm and along with him went straight to his home to speak with his mother. She confessed he is like this only right from the childhood. In fact, his elder brother is out spoken. I said that’s perfectly ok for the siblings to belong to different dimensions however if any such nature is been observed, one must try best to help the person come out of it.

Listen to their feelings:

As a parent, one has to stay calm and listen to their feelings, their thoughts, and their conversations. Being attentive to them makes them feel important.


Appreciate their little acts but not every:

Applaud them for their little acts that you observed earlier to be difficult for them to manage but now they have achieved success in it. Remind them how they were unable to perform it earlier but today they are able to do it with much ease. Appreciation should be for selected acts not every act or else they might think your appreciation to be fake. This may demoralize them.


Highlight their strengths first and gradually also work on their weakness:

Every human is a mix of strength and weakness. For a child with low self-esteem, first focusing on the strengths is crucial so that they come out of the aura of negativity that encircles them owing to their esteem level. Highlight their strengths and give them tasks related to their potential. Gradually, they may develop more confidence in themselves.


Give them the power to choose things:

Allow them to choose things on their own. This would also prove beneficial for them.


Be more generous to the kids:

Sometimes, just a smile is enough to make the child feel special and loved. Try to hug them, kiss them in order to make them feel more loved.


Sometimes, playing games with your kid that help to enhance self-esteem is also good. Like you may sit with your child and say few good things about him/her. Then give the same chance to your kid to tell about you. This way it shall also teach the child to appreciate and find goodness in others.

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  1. I am also a working woman.After long day work,I want to relax for sometimes but my little kid donot allow to fulfill my purpose.

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