How To Get Pregnant


How to get pregnant:

So you can see baby pictures all around in posters, Tv commercials and you are completely  prepared for it. You did your calculations and have been trying to get pregnant for quite sometime now but without any results.

You think your biological clock is ticking away and this has to happen sooner than later. Could you have a problem ?  How much time does it take to get pregnant ? Could your partner have fertility issues? Should I see a doctor ? Are these questions clouding your mind ??

Below are some  natural  tips to get pregnant faster:

Having intercourse during the fertile  period as discussed earlier.

Avoid stress.

Adapt a healthy lifestyle- Do some light exercise and avoid smoking, drinking and drugs.

Consume fertility boosting food like Oyester, Lentils, Spinach , whole fat yoghurt, Quinoa etc.

Avoid consumption of Trans fat, Unpasteurized  or low fat dairy products, high mercury fish, soda etc.

Do not urinate immediately after intercourse.

Learn few sex positions that help in conceiving.

Are  you still unable to conceive naturally ?? So how  soon should you  seek help?

Below 35 years : After  12 months of trying

Over 35 years with gynaecological problem : After 6 months of trying

When you are still unable to conceive after having intercourse at least  3-4 times a a week and this is resulting in stress and anxiety it is advisable to the see a doctor.

Do not feel embarrassed in visiting a doctor and be aware that you are not alone with this problem . The chances of a fertile couple getting pregnant in one cycle is about 25%. Following fertility issue can lower the probability to almost 3%.

1. Low sperm count

2. Blocked fallopian tubes


4. Age /Body weight issues

So it is important to treat the problem with proper medical help. The doctor can conduct a series of  tests  and procedures to finally deduce if you have fertility issues. Do not lose hope . Taking fertility drugs can resolve the problem .In case  they are not effective there are various fertility treatments available, Thanks to technology   .

Some of the common fertility treatments are:

Intrauterine Insemination:

In this treatment healthy sperms are collected and inserted directly into the uterus when ovulating.

In Vitro Fertilization:

Eggs and the sperms are collected separately and developed into an embryo in a lab. The embryo is then transferred into the uterus.

Sperms/ Egg donations, surrogacy etc are few other options for infertility. The doctor is the right person to advice you the best form of treatment .

If you have undergone IVF treatment certain precautions should be taken like avoid heavy exercise or physical activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and say “NO” to  smoking, drugs and alcohol . It is important to have  a positive mindset and stay cheerful. Get ready to experience the joy of parenthood.

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