How To Keep Your Kids Safe This Holi?


The Holi is a festival of colors; it brings unparalleled joy and happiness with it. It is that time of the year when the kid’s spirit becomes all- time high and adults become over-enthusiastic. But do we know certain principles that we need to observe while playing Holi with our kids? Well, here are some points that you need to keep in mind while it comes to colors and your kids.

Why do your kids suffer?

  • Harmful chemicals present in the colors can take a serious toll of your kids and their skin because their skin is way softer, and susceptible than adults. Their skin barrier function is too weak, hence the chances of developing infection become multifold.
  • Also, some kids are more vulnerable than others. Hence, they are at more risk of developing skin infections.
  • Kids are highly vulnerable because their immunity levels are low and hence a small pinch of color can do damage to them.

Reasons why colors can prove to be harmful to them

  • There are several valid reasons that vouch out that colors could be harmful to small kids. Most of us feel that playing Holi with dry colors is not harmful, but it is important to know that these colors are brimmed with the lead that could prove to be toxic for kids. Inhalation of color could cause them with nasal irritation and other respiratory allergies. So, if your kid is suffering from such allergies, it is better to keep colors at a bay.
  • Most kids get paranoid when you apply or rub colors to their face because it often enters the eyes and nose, making it very uncomfortable for them. In case, your child licks the colors, it will make him more prone to vomiting. Some kids are so vulnerable that their skin reacts in a very different way.

Precautions that you need to take

While a lot has been said about how Holi colors can bring damage to your kids but if you really want them to enjoy this festivity with you, there are certain precautions that you can take

  • Keep your child away from people who throw water balloons in aimlessly.
  • Holi can result in pain and discomfort for some kids, hence the safest option is to keep them indoors.
  • Don’t use harmful substances like kerosene, hair oil or other spirits to remove colors from their body.
  • Any gentle shampoo will work and is best to remove colors from the child’s hair.
  • If someone has hit your kid with a balloon on his eye, clean his/her eye immediately with clean water and if the problem persists consult a doctor.If your child licks color accidentally seek advise from the medical consultant
  • While it is mandatory to bring a sweet box to celebrate this festival, but it doesn’t mean that you have to overload your kid with such stuff.

When to seek medical attention?

It becomes important to seek medical attention if your kid:

  • Vomits, again and again, diarrhea, constipation, he develops a respiratory infection, ask water again and again
  • Itches or rashes appear on his skin
  • If he/she suffers from excessive hair fall
  • If his/her eyes become red and watery

In the end, we would like to conclude that if you want your kids to play safe and colorful Holi, it is important to use the right colors, avoid throwing water balloons indiscriminately, make them wear right clothes and keep a close vigil on the activities of your child because it is better safe than sorry.

Wishing our readers safe and colorful Holi.

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