How To Live Clutter Free With Children


If summer time is approaching, and you are already apprehensive on how to maintain a clean and green house with your little one around the whole day, don’t worry! You are not alone. Most of the new mommies and mommies with young school going kids, feel disabled a lot of times with the never-ending task of cleaning and organizing with young children. You don’t feel like clearing, you don’t feel like cleaning, instead what you want is to have a peaceful evening with a book and a warm cup of coffee? You just cleared the living room, and Oh, it’s back to square one when you return after cleaning the kitchen?

In this situation, is it right to nag the little genius continuously? Studies suggest that if parents can inculcate organizing and time management habits early in their children from young childhood, they are more likely to grow up into successful individuals. Studies also suggest that instead of nagging, the best technique is to reinforce the positive behavior of kids and to discourage any negative behavior.

Let’s see how can you do this magnanimously, bonding with your kiddie at the same time.

Put everything in order before the child wakes up: Yes, this is the most important step. Humans, especially children, learn by imitation and observation. So when they  get up or come back from school, and the first thing they notice is that everything is in place and tidy, they are subconsciously permeated with a perception that they must maintain that order the entire day. Believe it or not, but a child is usually very much aware of the surroundings.

Task clutter: Every two hours or so, define a specific area of the house for your child to clear up. Let him organize as he wants, fostering creativity and responsibility at the same time. Of course you have to be flexible, if your child chooses a new place for something than the usual, you must rather appreciate that. Demarcate boundaries between yourself and the child, so that he learns how to manage tasks independently.

Time your little one: Always set a time for children so that they know they are supposed to finish within a time frame. You can set reminders for them as mild alerts, as young children usually have a habit of day-dreaming and exploring. Time management skills become the most important as children grow up.

Do not be overprotective:  Parents are usually very overprotective, especially with their toddlers and refuse to let them handle any task. However, research shows that once your child starts walking and comprehending the mother tongue properly, which is the age of 1 year to 1.5 year for most children, you must start assigning roles to them.

Set Reasonable Goals: Also, ensure that you do not overburden or oppress the child with tasks which are not possible at his/her age. As a parent, you would clearly know the motor skills, the speed of motion etc. of your child, so give them things which they can handle easily. That will foster confidence and self-worth among young children.

Not the least, please be careful and attentive with young children around, try to discard pointed and sharp objects, or keep them out of reach! Remember, “Child is the Father of Man”, children can master anything if given the right atmosphere.

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