How To Lure Your Kids Into Loving Bath Time

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More often than not, most kids hate taking a bath. This makes bath time really stressing for mothers trying to lure kids into taking a shower. Firstly, you have to understand that most of the time, it’s not the bath time that your kids hate. Kids hate particular feelings and some characteristics of stuff they use during bath time such as temperatures of the water, how it feels being under water and maybe irritation that comes with water getting into their eyes and ears.
Bath time can turn out to be a very good bonding time for you and your kids if you make it fun for them. Kids love anything that brings good feelings to them. This means that if you can creatively mix bath time with other fun activities, your kid will definitely love taking a bath.
Here is a round-up of activities your kids will love during bath time.
1. Bubble bath
You can make a bubble bath by adding extra soap in the tub. This will produce a lot of foam in the water. Kids love overwhelming moments. They will start playing with the foam and in the process your kid will love bath time moments. This is more of playing with the kid’s mind as each time he/she sees you preparing bath water, they will remember the foam and will be eager to play with it.
2. Bring them bubble blowing toys
A bubble blowing toy is an equipment used to make bubbles by blowing air through a thin layer of soap. This is a kid’s sport that could keep your kid enthralled for hours. Carry a bubble gun with you to the bath tub. Your kid will definitely love this and in turn loving bath time
3. Let them have their dolls as companion in the tub
If your kid has a doll or a toy he/she loves, let them enjoy the bath with them. Sometimes kids wonder why they have to be alone in the water. With their dolls as companion, the kids will feel safe in the bath tub. Your kid will always love fun moments with his/her doll.
4. Color the water
This will be so much fun for your kid. Your kid will definitely love colored water more than plain water. There are some water coloring tablets with different color properties that your kid will love. Get the tablets and try this out. Your kid will definitely love and enjoy bath time.
5. Use glow sticks
During bath time, you can turn off the lights in the room, or use dim light then give your toddler some glow sticks to play with in the bath tub. This is a perfect way to lure your kid into loving bath time. They will always want to play with the glow sticks. Try it out.
6. Use the empty tub trick
Kids often like playing in weird places such as an empty bath tub, but when it has water they want nothing to do with it. You can place your kid on a bath tub with no water for some time. He/she will love playing in the tub. After some time, add water in the tub and continue with the bath process. The kid will barely react to that because he had already switched to the mentality of playing in the tub.

Despite the circumstances, kids have to take a bath regularly. It enhances good health. These tricks will reduce your hassle of forcing your kids to take a bath and make them love it like just another sport.

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