How to Make Your Child Emotionally Strong


To raise mentally strong kids can be challenging to most parents as this requires tact and adequate preparation. Kids should be prepared for the challenges of this world if they are to tackle the problems that will face them and also help them to cope with life challenges. Mental strength in kids is not all about acting strong or tough, but it requires been resilient, bold and courage to reach their full potentials.

In doing this, parents proactively teach their kids problem-solving skills and ways of becoming the best of themselves.

Here are steps to follow in raising mentally strong kids that will grow up to become an active and mentally healthy adult.

1.  Allow them to make mistakes

Allowing the children makes some mistakes while growing up helps them to know that it is part of life. Let them know that mistake is part of life and they should not be ashamed to own up. Also, make the child understand that they are no need to get embarrassed about getting something or an answer wrong. Then teach them on steps to avoid repeating the mistakes again

2. Teach your kids to take positive and realistic action.

Teaching a child to think realistic is an essential building block in developing a robust mental skill in kids. But it is necessary to note that thinking in a practical manner is just the first step – kids also need to take positive and healthy choices and action. This involves facing ones fear, continuing even when they feel like giving up

3. Teach them some specific skills

They need to be taught some specific life skills to enable them to be the best they can become. Make use of examples that illustrate particular skills such as logical skills, eye-hand coordination, cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, and others. These skills will help them to learn how to become more productive and articulate even when they are faced with situations that require making tough decisions.

4. Let them learn about emotions and feeling

Research has shown that most kids are academically prepared for life but were not emotionally prepared.  Teach them on how to cope with uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, disappointment, anger or loneliness. Don’t always calm the child when they are angry or try to cheer them up when they are sad. Teach them how to deal with uncomfortable emotions by themselves. This will help them to know how to regulate their mood without depending on others for that.

5. Be a Role Model to Mental Strength

Showing your child what it takes to be mentally healthy is the best form of raising them to be strong mentally. Children learning more by seeing and action than by hearing. Tell them about your personal goals and show them how you conquered your fears and challenges.


Developing your Child’s mental health even as a toddler is essential. There should be taught earlier in life to develop healthy self-talk, ability to face their fears, build character and affirm personal responsibility in any task or decision taken. This will help them to become the best they could be in life.

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