How To Make Your Kids Listen To You!!


While the beginning of the years we practice hard to enable them to speak, rest of the lives we may think why did we work so hard…? In simple words, when will they learn to listen to us? Now, this tendency of not listening is prevalent in all the generations, just the ways are unique.

A kid’s mind keeps on thinking and rewires at age six or around, there is slight change in their thinking capacities and then once they step into teenage level, they change more. But that’s ok, even we changed. What has become more challenging is that how to make them listen to us?

* Firstly, it is important that we develop a connect with them before we think of even explaining them. We need to start gradually. It is required that we pay close attention to the child, observe his/her activities and then put forward our point. Try to make eye contact with the child and if the child is unable to do so, you may directly converse with him by saying that “I need to talk to you”

* Try to explain things to your child in the easiest way, the level that they are able to comprehend. It is equally important that the message is conveyed in the right amount. Overdose is of no use. If possible, cite examples to put forward your point.

* Constant nagging on a particular topic is a serious turn off. It happens with adults too so how can we expect it to be unbearable for the kids.

* The tome matters a lot. No one likes an ordering tone. The tone should be subtle, warm and composed. If the child picks up the wave of rudeness in the tone then he/she might opt for resistance.

* If we want our child to listen to us, we must try to bring changes in ourselves too. There are some parents who stare constantly at the screens while their little ones are communicating with them regarding their day at school or may be asking for something important. If we keep an eye contact with them while they are speaking, it would give them a comfort zone. This would prove beneficial in the future cases too. They would know that they have someone in their lives who listens to them.

* Be empathetic towards your child. This would make them feel and understand that parents do feel for us.

* At times, fair warning is necessary. Often it happens that the kids take their own time in getting ready for the park or going somewhere. You can easily inform them about the time limits, as one can visit a park within a set time period only. And a fair warning can be like it’s up to you if you wish to reduce your play time.

* Try not to interrupt while they are narrating a story or sharing their experiences with you. It may act in a reverse manner. They might think that their feelings are not important and not respected too.

* Dig out time for a one on one conversation with your child. This is important to make them feel that their presence is necessary. It gives a sense of confidence in them so that they can trust on you. Try to blossom your relationship with them by speaking and communicating in the most effective manner.

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