How To Raise An Emotionally Stable Child


Children of this new era seem to come pre-programmed with brilliance and intellect from the very birth itself. They exhibit unmatched skills when it comes to adapting and understanding the all-technologized, virtual world of today. A child of two to three years can usually play games on a laptop and call his family via mobiles. But the down side of this technology orientation is, that it is leaving children very alone, lonely and solo and detaching them from any human contact in significant amounts. As they grow up, they master everything to operate independently, however their lives get void of self-fulfilment traits like a good EQ, emotional stability, empathy, motivation, social skills, self-awareness and honesty, which are all critical to our ultimate existence at the end of the day.

India is known to be the home of a very rich cultural heritage and as they call it, “the land of gurus”. It is like spiritualty and divinity runs in the blood here. But do you know why? It is simply because, from birth onwards, a child is taught to be spiritual. Even at an age when an infant cannot hold a spoon, he/she is told about self-consciousness and the supreme. Parents work here with the philosophies of well-known life coaches like “Chanakya” and “Socrates”. So the focus is not only on making them conversant with the almighty, but also upon teaching them how to face adversaries in life.

They let their children make mistakes, and then not correct. Instead a natural consequence is allowed so that the child learns endurance and patience. They put children in scary situations so that the kid can master fear. In school, or at a playfield, if a child loses, he/she is taught to be honest and compassionate rather than achieving by hook or crook. Even in nuclear families, parents make positive attempts to make their children spend time with grandparents. This is what makes them so secure and full of self-esteem.  Children are taught to help neighbours or anyone needy by setting examples. They are made to spend time with nature so that they connect to the universe.

The major credit goes to Indian mothers, how take mindful efforts to do so, however it is also a way of life in India. Therefore skills like sacrifice, satisfaction, endurance, devotion towards the almighty, politeness, firm expressions and relationship management come to them naturally.

Building character is one of the most important tasks you have as a parent. Most of us now-a-days keep our focus on studies, marks, sports, extra-curriculars’ throwing this emotional front to the back seat. However, this is not right. With the increasing crime and violence around the globe, we must raise socially responsible kids who are also able to handle life problems when they grow up. You cannot transform anything overnight, but if you are focused rightly you can succeed into metamorphosing your little caterpillar into a mentally strong and very stable and successful individual, no matter what be the circumstances! Prepare your child for every front of life, which is the best you can do as a parent.

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