How to Raise Nature Loving Kids:

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We all love nature and prefer to spend time amidst the lap of Mother Nature. The reason behind it is that the closeness to the nature reduces stress, imposes calmness within us and gives us a balanced mentality. While we carry these within ourselves, we should also make our kids follow the same track as it is for the benefit of the individual. Though there is no particular formula to develop kids bond with the nature, still certain steps could be followed.

Go Hiking:


This activity means walking in the nature as a recreational activity. One can feel the aura of positivity encircling around owing to closeness to the nature. Take kids along with you to explore this calm side of the world too. Let them touch and feel the leaves, the plants, the trees, and the nature!

Encourage the child to take the trails, with of course under adult’s supervision. Motivate the child to pay attention to the things they see around themselves. Allow them to collect leaves, pebbles, stones, twigs etc.

Allow them to sit near a river or a water stream side:

In case there is a provision of a waterbody around, allow the child to touch it, sit beside it, and feel the texture, calmness. Sometimes allowing the child to quietly sit beside the nature, without involving in any activity imparts a soothing effect on the mind as well as the body.

Make them plant saplings at home or in the garden area:


Let the child plant a sapling with his/her own hand. Make them water it on a daily basis. Notice the joy on their faces while they see it grow everyday inch by inch. This would also teach them to plant trees.

Explain the importance of saving trees:

Talk to them regarding the trees and their benefits. How trees help in keeping the area clean and surrounded with fresh air.

Gaze at the stars and the sky along with them:

Take time to sit and look together at the sky, watch the sunrise and the sunset too. Watch the sparkling star studded sky that is glorified due to them. Sleeping on the terrace and having a direct look at the sky gives an amazing feeling!!

Look at the moon. Every day the shape is different inch by inch. Let the child learn about the different phases like full moon, the crescent shaped moon, half moon, quarter moon etc.

Take a walk in the garden:

Make the kids observe tiny little creatures like ants, butterflies, honey bees and many others that reside in such areas. Watch their movements, their actions, the way they make their own path.

Sit on the Grass:

Feel the softness of the grass. One may play cards, or any other games on it. A book can be read while lying on the grass.

The “ME” time with the nature:

Sit quietly along with your child to listen to the chirping of the birds, howling of the winds, rustling leaves and other natural audios that are like feast to the ears.

Play in the mud:

It’s ok to get your child’s tiny hands and feet dirty by playing in the mud. Teach them to make tiny houses or some caves in the mud. They can then keep their tiny toys temporarily in those structures constructed by them. Allow them to dance in the rain. Make them feel the pleasant smell of the sand when the rains just start falling.

Subscribe Nature Journals for them:

There are many places on earth where it’s not possible to reach. The nature journals may act as a virtual assistant in such cases. They can learn about Polar Regions, their environment, the flora and the fauna of that region.

All these would increase their general knowledge too as well as their interest to remain connected with the nature.

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