How To Travel Light With Your Baby

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The experiences our children have in this day and age are so different than the experiences we’ve had as kids. Take flying for example. As expat families, we travel back home to celebrate holidays and occasions with families, and with cheap flights around taking exotic holidays with the family has become so easy. I think my first flight was at the age of 5, however my child must have already travelled to five different destinations by the time he turned three. It has been both, long and short haul flights, and have given my husband and I enough experience to pack smart and travel hassle free with a baby.

Travelling can be stressful enough. Add a young baby to the equation, and it is a whole new ball game with a hundred things that could go wrong. Planning in advance and being prepared for all scenarios is the best way to begin. Here I share some quick and easy tips on how to travel light and have a smooth travelling experience with your baby:

1.Bassinet seat: Make this your number one priority when flying long distance. Call before hand and reserve the bassinet seat for your child. There is an age restriction, so best to call and check. The bassinet provides room for your baby to settle down in and sleep well, giving the parents room to manoeuvre and enjoy their meals.

2.Wear your baby: Leave the stroller at home. Invest in a carrier that you can use to wear your baby around you and still have your hands free to carry your luggage and essential documents. With your baby so close to you, he/she is also more likely to stay comforted and nap well.

3.Pack light: I know babies come with a lot of baby gear, but it is very likely that you will be able to purchase a lot of the baby items once you land at your destination. Keep the clothing to minimum and only the essentials. Ask yourself does your baby really need three pairs of shoes or will one do the job. Research before hand about your local supermarket at your destination so you can purchase those extra diapers.

4.Baby apps on your phone: Now some of you may frown about the use of ipads/phones with young children, but when travelling with a young child you’ll want to arm yourself with these distractions to save your sanity. So, yes download the apps which play the rain sound to help your baby go to sleep, and also those nursery rhymes to keep your young toddler happy and singing.

5.Breastfeed your baby if you can: Babies can get hungry at their own time and travelling can make us all confused about the time zone. Avoid carrying all the formula food, bottles, hot water and everything else you will need to prepare a warm bottle of milk for your baby and just breast feed instead. It is normal and natural. So, just keep a decent cover with you and if you notice your baby feeling hungry, you can help him/her out in no time. (Ofcourse, this is only applicable for mums who have breast feeding as an option, and in no way am I judging formula fed babies)

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