Importance Of Crafting With Your Child

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Children value your love for them with the amount of time you spend together. The kind of time where they get undivided attention from you, where it’s just the two of you bonding over something you both love. And what is a great way to spend that time and bond together than to do some craft activities. Crafting that can be done using the various stationary items you can so cheaply buy, or even some of the free recyclable items lying around the house. Crafting that is colourful, a little messy, a lot of fun and very original.  However, apart from the fun factor, there are various other important reasons, specially for young children aged 3-8, why you should be encouraging crafting together at home. So, what is the importance of crafting and why should you involve it in the lives of your children:

1. New skills:

Crafting teaches your child many skills. For example, if a craft involves cutting and sticking, it provides the opportunity to teach young kids how to use a scissor and work with glue sticks. Give a child a paintbrush and see how they work out how the paint brush should be manoeuvred.

2. Allows exploration:

Crafting lets you explore with different mediums and texture. You could be working with glitter one day, and modelling clay on another day. Exposing your child to different materials allows them to learn about their surroundings and their properties.  Ever seen how much fun a toddler has when left to do some finger painting using nothing more than paints and their fingers.

3. Allows expression:

Crafting lets you express. Just like music, crafting with various different colours and materials can teach kids be creative in different ways to express their feelings. It could be as simple as a yellow sun to feel cheerful and heart stickers to make you feel loved up. It is also an opportunity to communicate. Sit with your child while he/she is crafting and talk about why a certain colour was used or why things were glued in a particular way.

4. Improve one’s confidence:

Crafting can help boost self confidence in the little ones. Having started from different and simple materials, and experimenting with various different techniques to create the final product, can bring an immense sense of pride in the chid. On top of that, when the child sees the improvement in their crafting technique when done more than once, it can once again help them with a sense of achievement.

5. Teaches social skills and team work:

Crafting can be either structured where the children have to follow directions, or can be unstructured where it’s ‘open’ for them to go about the way they want. Either way, when crafting together, the parent and child are working as part of a team towards the main goal. The child is also being given the opportunity to work as a team leader or a team player, nurturing on other social skills.

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