Indian Parenting Myths That I Came Across


I think parenting is like walking on a tight rope, especially when you are living in joint families.  You have to balance the things to make it work. There was a time when we used to follow set rules that were decided by our seniors but now things have changed for better. Women literacy, the rise of the internet has created awareness that was not there before.  Here, I am discussing the myths that I have come across during pregnancy and during breastfeeding my child.


Myth 1 – You should not use computers when you are pregnant

Being a freelancer and a creative writer I can’t keep myself away from the laptop even for a day because it instills energy in me. When I was pregnant, my mother in law and father in law forced me to keep it at a bay thinking that it could do damage to my womb.  My mother in law who is an ardent believer of some Guruji explicitly said that it is because of your computer work, your son/daughter will not gain any spiritual knowledge.  But by the grace of God, I shifted to my mother’s home and I worked till 7 months without any hiccup.  In fact, it is scientifically proven that computer radiation doesn’t harm the baby.


Myth 2 – You should not eat cucumber while breastfeeding the baby

Every time when my child used to fall sick, my mother in law used to complain it is because of your habit of eating salad he has fallen sick. I really used to get pissed off at that time.  So, one day I decided to ask the doctor, and she clearly said it is a myth.


Myth 3 – Do not wake up newborn if he is sleeping

I don’t know, but my mother in law used to say that never wake up newborn baby while he is sleeping, but when I consulted the doctor she told me that till 3 months of age, the new- born baby needs to be fed at rapid intervals.  So, if the need arises, breastfeed the baby when he is sleeping too.


Myth 4 – This one is weird, my baby used to cry incessantly so my mother in law recommended me to put a nipple in his mouth or give him some medicine that will induce sleep in him

That was truly weird, though I didn’t adhere to her recommendations, but thinking about such stuff still give me a nightmare.

Myth 5 – My mother in law used to give him a spoonful of water when he was just 3 months old

I was really shocked when my baby cried and she said that he needs water as his mouth is parched. She gave him a spoonful of RO water without boiling it and later when I consulted doctor she clearly told me not to give water to small babies because it could cause him waterborne disease.

There are many other myths that I have come across during pregnancy and after that, but I think parents are the best judge. I am not saying that you should condemn the advice of the seniors but you should follow it with caution because blind faith in someone could cost you much.


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