Is Your Child Too Shy?


Is your child too shy?
Being shy is sometimes natural and sometimes can be induced by other activities such as bullying, bad experiences and physical changes. Many kids are born shy and they switch to being shy all the time. Shyness is different for different children. Some children may show extreme shyness whereas others just get shy maybe when around many people, around new people or when asked to address other children.
You should know if your child is too shy. Even if it is hard to change shyness that is natural, you can make your children feel better and not be affected negatively by their shyness. The first thing you should do is to observe your kids closely to know if they are shy then try to make them feel better.
How to know if your child is too shy
• Physical effects such as stammering and blushing.
• Having less or no friends.
• Reduced engagement in child plays and other fun activities.
• Low self-esteem.
• A lot of anxiety.

Causes of shyness and how to overcome them
Shyness can be caused by:
1. Family bond.
The bond between family members determines the care that children get from their parents. Sometimes parents are not so much attached to their children. They don’t care much about their children. When children realize this, they feel insecure and it can lead to lack of self-esteem in turn causing them to feel shy. As a parent, it’s important that you develop a good parent-child bond and care for your child to prevent them from feeling insecure.
2. Learning foreign behaviors.
Children like doing what other people do, especially their parents. If parents show various acts of shyness, it is easy for kids to imitate them. Children could also imitate their teachers or even their peers and inherit their behaviors. You should not be shy when your kids are watching. Interact with friends and also teach your child how to be social.
3. Genes.
Sometimes shyness runs in a family. It is most likely that your kid will inherit this condition if it’s in your family line. Unfortunately, you cannot decide on what genes your child should inherit. In this case, you just need to help your kid to control his/her condition by advising them to get friends, not fear people, deal with anxiety and also to participate in fun activities.
4. Fear of failure.
Sometimes children fear to fail in different aspects of life, for example in academics, sports and other fields. Some parents may pressure children to reach the heights that they want thus instilling fear of failure to them. Never put a lot of pressure to your child. A lot of pressure will only cause more harm than good. You could make your kid get a shyness condition which is hard to pull out from.
5. Poor social skills.
Poor social skills lead to kids being rejected by others and sometimes even isolated from the rest. This will in turn lead to the kids becoming shy with time since they feel rejection and feel like they are bad people. It is your duty as a parent to ensure that your kid gets the right social skills to enhance perfect interactions.
Children don’t know what can causes shyness or even how shyness could affect them. That makes it your duty to protect your children from activities that could lead to them being shy.

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