Jack Of All Trades But Master Of None !


Are your kids one of those? If yes, have you ever thought if they were otherwise the opposite way? Have you ever considered if they become an expert in a particular area?

”Jack of all trades but master of none ” basically means working out all things but without any perfection. Parents usually expect an all rounder personality of their child. There is too much emphasis on performing varied tasks. Yes, it’s appreciable that your child is versatile. But, there is always another side of the coin too.

Let your child pursue that area where he can showcase his excellence. The idea here is to make them perfectionists. This can be done if you make them work consistently in right direction.

Here are some benefits which children can grab if they direct their efforts in a particular area

A. Convert their hobbies into profession– It is really very simple technique to hold on what you like. If children continue to stick to theirĀ  choice of work they may carry it on on professional level.
B.Maximum results – Your child’s valuable energy and your support if focused on a single task may help them to get best out of them. They may be able to show their brilliance by this way.
C.Achieve proficiency – When practicing a specific task is concerned children are always likely to deliver better output when it is the matter of quality of their work.
D.Expertise– Those children who are polishing their knowledge and skills can become an expert in that zone.
E. Experience – Experience comes with time duration a person is spending in a specialised area.

Let your kids opt for their choices as you never know they may be able to do it more brilliantly. And finally they may become ‘master of one’.

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