Life Of A Soldier’s Kid


Every individual differs in terms of profession they are pursuing, their working hours and the responsibilities towards their jobs. Mostly children get used to their parent’s schedule. Although, it may take some time when they are too young but gradually, they settle down. When it comes to kids of a soldier, it is not quite easy to adjust in those challenging circumstances.

Soldiers are selflessly serving for the nation. Their dedication and sacrifices are commendable. They are the real strength of the country. But, behind their strengths and great work is the extreme support of their families. They are not only sacrificing their life but personal life as well, most importantly being around their kids.

The life of children of a soldier is very much different from common kids. They are indirectly sacrificing to a large extent. Not being able to see their father for a long time and thus a constant feeling of loneliness and insecurity. Nothing matches the quality time a kid gets with their father.  The soldiers don’t easily get a chance to meet their kids and wait for several months, at times years to meet them. Despite all the hardships, such kids keep themselves strong and determined. Gradually they become a rock-solid support for their mother who has been looking after them single handed in absence of their father.

Whenever they get to know their dad might come at home for the coming festival, a feeling of anxiety and hope prevails. Filled with the joy of togetherness, nothing beats that time . However, considering the nature of work, there are chances of leaves getting cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Difficult to portray such a heart-breaking time for the family particularly the children. They go through the extreme emotional ups and downs. It requires a lot of courage to make them understand that this is a part of a soldier’s job.

When a child goes to school and sees dads accompanying their kids, they just feel that if they also be able to do the same. There are so many occasions when they just want their father to accompany them like on festivals, birthdays etc. This precious time of their childhood can never be turned back. These are the tough times that a soldier’s kid must go through.
Despite of all this, there is a sense of proud feeling that their father is serving the nation.

When these kids get to see their father after a long time, a blend of emotion flows in. There are tears rolling from their eyes at the same time a smile on their face. They hug each other and children loves to be cuddled and be pampered. They just want to pause that moment forever. At the time when a child says goodbye to his dad when he is returning to work after the vacation, they are just broken up and hope to be together soon.

They are the backbone of the soldiers. The emotional support of the soldier’s family is the real reason they are standing strong and be able to safeguard the nation. Besides the soldiers, their children and other family members deserve a special thanks and a respectful salute.

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