Little Things Matter


As a parent, I am sure you know how to take care, surprise and make your kids happy, probably because you know how kids could love the little things you do to them. Kids take note of how you treat them. They keep these experiences. The little things you do to your kids mean a lot. They affect very many aspects of their life even when they grow up to adults with families. You don’t need a lot of resources to give your kid a good life and parenting that they will always recall positively.
This hit me, not long ago. It was last month on a Monday, when my friends and I attended a children mentorship program at a school in our neighborhood. We normally involve ourselves in such activities and other charity programs. This time, the agenda was just to inspire the children about life, education and careers.
It was in this one on one session when I talked to a little boy. His name is Wesley. Generally, Wesley looked kind of stressed up and moved by the talks that various motivational speakers presented. “There is something I would like to share with you.” Said Wesley. I told him to feel free about it and share anything with me. “I have never celebrated my birthday, and just a few days ago I attended a classmate’s birthday, only to be rejected and chased away even without a cake bite. They said I was dirty and not of their standards.” Said Wesley in tears.
This hit me so hard. I felt like he was my own kid, going through such a pathetic experience. How could this make you feel? Such words coming from a little boy. For a minute I was speechless. No kid should go through this. Wesley explained how the birthday party looked colorful, lots of sweets, cakes, biscuits and fruit juices which he did not even taste. This made me shed tears.
We had a deeper talk with Wesley and he claimed that they are poor and that his mother always says she cannot afford a birthday surprise for him. Let us reason out together here parents. How much is a sweet? How much is a small cake? A pack of biscuits? As a matter of facts, kids will never understand when you tell them that there is no money. The best thing is to try and get them something. It doesn’t have to be expensive because they don’t even know the worth. A balloon is worthless to you but it could mean a lot to your kid.
After a closer check, I realized that Wesley had so little self-esteem. Words that classmates spit to him got stuck in his heart. He feels that he is way worthless to the rest. Luckily, he is bright in class and studies. His heart felt so heavy with wishes that he could have someone who could just celebrate him and make him feel worth living. See, just something like a birthday party could make a kid even hate his own life.
What could you have done? My friends and I planned a party for Wesley. Wesley is kind-hearted, as he asked us to invite even those who had previously rejected him in their party. It wasn’t his birthday but we decided to celebrate him. It was so colorful. Imagine just this little party changed Wesley’s take on life. He felt worthy that people could even celebrate him.
Do you think it’s expensive to just buy a few balloons and snacks for your kid on birthdays? I don’t think it is expensive. These little things could mean happiness to your kids.

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