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Enrolling the child in the right school comes with lots of challenges. But who decides the parameters that places these schools in the categories of Excellent, Good and Average. It is basically our own desires to give the best to our kids be it education, sports, clothing etc. I feel choosing the school is of utmost importance and we as parents need to focus on the learning abilities of the child and not just the performance graph. If learning is good, performance will be better. These are interrelated and need to be understood well. With this view in mind, I went on to search a good school for my child and came across Mignon Tigerz which is a blend of various teaching methodologies that sounded impressive to me.

This school is located in sector 50, Gurgaon. It has been operational since the year 2016. Its prime focus is to commemorate the unique talent that each child with holds within himself/herself. Some are good at verbal instructions while some have a unique ability to connect with the pictures and learn and express themselves. Some are passionate about learning via Music, some via the route of stories. Every child is unique and so are the methods to teach them also unique.

This school has amenities of a Creche, Day care, Infant Program, Play group, Nursery and primary class.

Every program is a unique blend of varieties of expressions and methodologies that suits best to the kid and is quickly adopted.

The day care caters to the need of kids from the age group of 6 months. The daycare keeps in mind the basic requirement of a parent, their routine and thus there are ample flexible hours to be chosen as per the requirement like the program can be opted up to   2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.


Creche Facility:

It is offered to the infants from 6 months to 20 months wherein the program is divided into two Care and attention program and Time to explore Program.

The children are served and encouraged with a structural routine program involving the use of physical and audio-visual educational resources in order to motivate the child to learn and experiment with the things around.


Day Care:

This is for the category that falls between 20 months- 12 years. It also has two programs- Day care with evening enrichment Program and Day care without evening enrichment Program.

The children are under the guidance of the faculty who are very talented, experienced and most importantly friendly towards kids. This gives the kids the freedom to develop a lovely bond with them and learn things at a faster mode.

There is a set routine of supervised homework, play time both indoor and outdoor activities, TV Time and circle time. The detailed menu for the kids are carefully planned and shared with the parents.


Ambience and Infrastructure with amenities:

* It has an excellent ambience that also includes the infrastructure that is carefully designed keeping in mind the safety of the kids.

* The entry and exit points are under the surveillance 24 hours.

* It serves centrally AC Campus, it has professionally equipped auditorium.

* To beat the heat in summers there is a facility for swimming pool with safeguards.

* Keeping in mind the health of the child, there is an in-house kitchen for day meals and lunch and a complete health club too.

* A child friendly sick bay with a doctor on call from Cloud Nine Hospital.

* AC Transport with GPRSAND Female attendant

* Consultancies for Pediatricians, Psychologists and Dieticians at the service.


There is a new program named S.P.E.C.I.A.L.- that takes into account the social, physical, emotional, communicable, intellectual, aesthetic and logic- mathematical dimensions of the child and helps them to grow well.

Every child at Mignon Tigerz goes through a 6 step ladder learning technique called PLM- Powerful Learning Mechanism. Based on every child’s unique learning ability, various programs have been designed to cater to their needs.

With ample of facilities, I am sure every parent who have kids in this age group would love to get their child enrolled into this centre so that their child get the maximum and the best exposure in all the fields.







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