Mobile Addiction In Kids And Its Cure

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“Mom, I feel tired and lethargic. Can you please switch off the lights?” Requested Aamir to his mom. Aamir’s mom is like what happened to him. What has he done the entire day? When asked he said, “I was watching my favorite stuff on mobile”. Now that is a concern for most of the parents. These smartphones have engrossed everyone irrespective of their age, right from the toddler to an adult. I don’t say that it is an entire bad thing. There is good as well as bad side and both go hand in hand. The side with which one needs to be more familiar depends on an individual. Unfortunately, these mini creatures (mobiles) have been completely absorbed in the kids heads and they have become totally devoted to these.

Refraining the kids from these mini creatures that crawl in their heads is a big daunting task. But it comes with its own list of tantrums- No to food, no to play, in fact no to everything!!

As a parent, we must allocate some time to think about certain steps to gradually pull them away from these.

Let us have a look on few tips:

* First of all, we must put a check on ourselves. Though it is completely not possible to maintain distance from it in front of our kids, still we can give it a try.

* Develop reading habit: Get into this habit of reading, especially in front of the kids. It can be a story, a novel, newspaper etc. This might inculcate the reading habit in the kid. Besides, it adds to their vocabulary too!

* No doubt, our kids learn many rhymes and other educational things from internet. But in case there lies a possibility of replacing video with an audio rhyme or just a narration of a particular topic devoid of any animated pictures, it would be really helpful.

* Make your child do his/her chores. Like cleaning the study room, picking up any toys or any unwanted things in the home and placing them at the right location.

* Make sure not to expose kids to screen before they go to bed. This vanishes the sleep and the artificial light also interferes with the sleep patterns.

* Set Time limits- There may be times when we handover these things to them. But then a time limit should be set so that they know their boundaries too. Also, its good to remind them 10 minutes before the set time so that they know they are running out of time.

* Spend time with the kids- Spend some quality time with them by playing games with them, talking to them, teaching them.

* Enroll them in outdoor activities- Try to enroll them in sports club. Find out their favorite sport and try to make them join those classes.

* The young kids don’t need mobile of their own. This would encourage them to use it more.

* Set Passwords- Let the cell remain in safe hands. Secure them with passwords so that if they feel like watching it, they come to you and you know when to take it back. This would help you to figure out the time spent by the kid on the device.

This addiction can be treated if the steps taken are refined in a proper manner. The change doesn’t happen instantly but gradually. We as parent must also remain patient while dealing with such a dramatic issue, it shall definitely work one day!

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